It's the Simple Things which delight

Review by Paul White

'WELCOME to the funk-ture! Or about as close as you are going to get by listening to Zero 7's debut LP Simple Things.

The LP starts off with a slinky laid back track called I Have Seen, which could be a classic in time, and has soul written all over it, probably like James Brown's old exercise books.

As far as albums go, this is probably one of the finest efforts you will hear this year.

It seems to offer a lot more than most chilled out/funk albums that are splashed across our TV screens around this time of year.

Second up, is Destiny, again poised to be a classic and not just heard today, forgotten tomorrow.

Classy vocals from Sia Furler (see separate album review by Mr White) and beats to boot, Simple Things captures the heart, soul and imagination and has touches of solid gold class. It also has reminders of The Doors's moody keyboard lines and captures melody lines naturally and effortlessly.

Zero 7's debut LP is a must and it will be spinning on your decks for time, people.

Track listing:
1. I Have Seen
2. Polaris
3. Destiny
4. Give It Away
5. Simple Things
6. Red Dust
7. Distractions
8. In The Waiting Line
9. Out Of Town
10.This World
11. Likufanele
12. End Theme