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Science Museum - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Exhibition

Feature: Jack Foley

THE Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Exhibition has been specially created by the Science Museum and the team behind the film to link with the forthcoming major motion picture.

It will open to the general public on May 28, 2005, just one month after the film's release in cinemas.

The exhibition will recreate the fantastic voyage of Arthur Dent, and along the way take a look at some of the science which shapes our lives, the world and the universe.

This family exhibition will take visitors on a journey through the powerful narrative of Douglas Adams’ iconic story against a backdrop of large scale and richly designed sets from the motion picture.

In order to create a deeply immersive experience, it will be supplemented with the real props, costumes and creatures that were used in filming.

From Arthur Dent’s kitchen to the far reaches of outer space, visitors will come face-to-face with characters such as the Vogons, Ford Prefect and Marvin.

However, the exhibition will not only focus on Douglas Adams’ intriguing and irreverent creations but also provide a fun and engaging exploration of the science featured in his work.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Exhibition has been developed by the Science Museum in partnership with Silver Knight Exhibitions, part of MICE Group Plc, in association with Buena Vista International and Touchstone Pictures/Spyglass Entertainment.

It will also feature information about the filmmakers themselves and will take visitors behind the scenes of the production to see how the hugely-ambitious film was created, including insight into the work undertaken by Henson Creature Workshop.

Visitors will learn about Douglas Adams and the heritage of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which originally appeared as a Radio 4 series in March 1978.

Since then, it has been transformed into a series of best-selling novels, a television series, records, cassettes and CDs, a computer game and several stage adaptations.

A phenomenon of science fiction culture, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is set to inspire a whole new generation to think about science in a more creative way.

In addition to the exhibition, the Science Museum will also be running a series of events for visitors linked to the science in the exhibition.

Robbie Stamp, Executive Producer of the film and the Science Museum exhibition, commented: "Of all the things that we are doing in addition to actually, finally, making the movie, I think that the idea of an exhibition about Hitchhiker’s at the Science Museum would have pleased Douglas enormously. He loved the company of scientists!"

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