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City of God - sequel planned

Story by: Jack Foley

CITY of God, the highly-acclaimed account of life in one of Rio de Janeiro’s notorious slums (dubbed the Brazilian Goodfellas by some), is to get a sequel, it has been revealed.

City of Men is due to begin filming in 2006 and looks set to be directed by Paulo Morelli, a partner in 02 Filmes, with original co-director, Fernando Meirelles, producing.

The film, which was largely considered to be the film of 2003 (along with Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume One), was a scintillating account of gangster life amid the slums, made all the more outstanding by the fact it used local, non-professional actors as the children in the lead roles.

According to online reports, the sequel will feature two of the younger actors from the original – Douglas Silva, who played Little Dice, and Darlan Cunha, who played Filé-com-Fritas – as they enter their teens.

It is not being made as an attempt to merely cash-in on the success of the original, but to help further and build careers.

According to Meirelles, in an interview with Empire Online: "After we finished the film we created a school for actors, an NGO school with all the boys and did workshops with cameras and editing. So with this group we did a project for Brazilian television, and the television bought four episodes. It was a huge success."

The mini-series in question ironically shares the name of the sequel, City of Men, and went down a storm in its home country - although there does not appear to be any plan to show it in the UK at present.

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