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50 First Dates (12A)

9 Songs (18) l Feature

2046 - Preview

5x2 (15) l preview

13 Going on 30 (12A)

21 Grams (15)

21 Grams - US reaction

21 Grams - Preview

2 Fast 2 Furious (12A)

2 Fast 2 Furious - SPECIAL FEATURE

2 Fast 2 Furious - Paul Walker Q&A

2 Fast 2 Furious - Tyrese Gibson Q&A

2 Fast 2 Furious - Eva Mendes Q&A

2 Fast 2 Furious - John Singleton Q&A

2 Fast 2 Furious - Neal Moritz Q&A (Producer)

2fast 2furious - Preview and US reaction

28 Days Later (18)

28 Days Later - Preview

25th Hour - Preview

25th Hour - Review

25th Hour - Feature

25th Hour - Edward Norton Q&A

25th Hour - Spike Lee/Barry Pepper Q&A

2 Weeks Notice - Press conference

Four Feathers - Preview

8 Mile - Preview

8 Women - Feature

9 / 11 - Preview


A Lot Like Love (PG) l Amanda Peet interview l Ashton Kutcher interview

Arsene Lupin - Preview

The Amityville Horror (15) l Truth or hoax?

The Assassination of Richard Nixon (15) l Preview

Are We There Yet? (PG)

Aliens of the Deep - IMAX

Assault on Precinct 13 (15) l Ethan Hawke interview

A Very Long Engagement (15) l Feature l Jean-Pierre Jeunet Q&A l Audrey Tautou Q&A l Gaspard Ulliel Q&A l Preview & controversy

Alexander (15) l Feature (Stone defends) l Colin Farrell Q&A l Oliver Stone Q&A l Angelina Jolie Q&A l Historian Q&A l OST Vangelis review

The Aviator (12A) l Feature l Martin Scorsese Q&A l Leonardo DiCaprio Q&A l Cate Blanchett Q&A l Kate Beckinsale Q&A l France honours duo l Preview l Golden Globe success l Producers Guild of America

AFI (American Film Institute) hail Passion and Fahrenheit as landmark films

After The Sunset (12A) l Feature

Alfie (15) l Feature l Jude Law Q&A l Sienna Miller Q&A

Anchorman (12A) l Anchorman - Preview & US reaction

The Alamo (12A) l Billy Bob Thornton Q&A l Dennis Quaid Q&A l Counting the cost of the 'flop' l US reaction l Preview

Alien vs Predator US reaction

Alexander - Preview l Legal threat l US reaction l Legal threat postponed

Against The Ropes (12A)

Around The World in 80 Days - Preview

The Agronomist (PG)

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (PG)

Along Came Polly (12A)

Along Came Polly - Jennifer Aniston feature

Along Came Polly - Jennifer Aniston Q&A

Along Came Polly - Ben Stiller feature

Along Came Polly - Ben Stiller Q&A

Along Came Polly - John Hamburg Q&A

Alien Vs Predator - First UK set visit

A Mighty Wind (12A) - Jack Foley verdict

A Mighty Wind - Graeme Kay verdict

A Mighty Wind - Christopher Guest Q&A

A Mighty Wind - Eugene Levy Q&A

A Mighty Wind - Catherine O'Hara Q&A

American Splendor (15)

Apocalypse Now 'napalm' monologue named best speech of all-time

AFI's top films of 2003

American Cousins (15)

AFI searches for top 100 film songs

Alien: The Director's Cut (15)

Alien - Special feature on the new scenes

Alien - 10 things you never knew...

Alien - 10 scariest moments

Alien Quadrilogy DVD Box Set

Alien - Trailer, featurettes and scenes

A Mighty Wind - Preview & US reaction


American Pie: The Wedding (15)

American Pie: The Wedding - feature

American Pie: The Wedding - Jason Biggs Q&A

American Pie: The Wedding - Seann William Scott Q&A

American Pie: The Wedding - Alyson Hannigan Q&A

American Pie: The Wedding - Eugene Levy Q&A

American Pie: The Wedding - January Jones Q&A

American Wedding - US reaction

American Wedding - Preview

Alexander The Great - Young actor sought

Animal Factory (15)

A Guy Thing (12A)

A Guy Thing - Jason Lee Q&A

Anger Management (15)

Anger Management - Feature

Anger Management - Preview and US reaction

AFI names Top 100 heroes and villains

The Actors (15) - Review

The Actors - Feature

The Actors - Sir Michael Caine Q&A

The Actors - Dylan Moran Q&A

Antwone Fisher (15) - Review

A message from Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher - US reaction

Animatrix - The Final Flight of the Osiris

All The Real Girls - Preview

Auberge Espagnole -Preview

Auto Focus (18)

Auto Focus - Preview

Auto Focus - Schrader Q&A

Adaptation (15)

Adaptation - Preview

Analyze That (15)

About Schmidt (15)

About Schmidt - Mulroney Q&A

About Schmidt - Preview

All or Nothing (18)

About A Boy (12)

Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother Too) (18)

Ali G Indahouse (15)

A Beautiful Mind (12)

Ali (15)

Ali - World Premiere

Amelie (15)

American Pie 2 (15)

American Splendor - Preview

Apocalypse Now: Redux (15)

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The Brothers Grimm - Preview

Batman Begins (12A) l Bale hails new Dark Knight (feature) l Nolan reveals origins of epic (feature) l Christian Bale interview l Christopher Nolan interview l Katie Holmes interview l Sir Michael Caine interview l Gary Oldman interview l Morgan Freeman interview

Anne Bancroft - Obituary

Bewitched - Preview

Battle in Heaven - Sex film shocks Cannes

Blood Meridian - Is Western epic next for Sir Ridley Scott?

Bad News Bears - Preview

Beauty Shop (12A)

Bullet Boy (15)

Be Cool (12A) l Feature l John Travolta Q&A l The Rock Q&A l Cedric the Entertainer Q&A l Christina Milian Q&A l Preview

Boogeyman (15) l Interview

Baftas 2005 - Winners l Orange Award

Brick - Preview

Basic Instinct 2 - David Morrissey cast

Being Julia (12A)

Blade: Trinity (15) l Preview

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (15) l Feature l Renee Zellweger Q&A l Beeban Kidron Q&A l UK box office success

Bad Santa (15) l Feature l Billy Bob Thornton Q&A

Birth (15) l Birth - Kidman film booed at Venice (2004)

The Brown Bunny - US reaction

Bubba Ho-Tep - Preview & US reaction

Bond 21: Is Daniel Craig new 007? l Casino Royale to be Bond 21 l Jackman favourite, odds slashed on Owen l Ewan McGregor bookies' fave l Bond 21 delayed l Brosnan hints at quitting l Tarantino seeks Casino Royale l Brosnan laments lack of development

The Bourne Supremacy (12A) l Matt Damon Q&A l Brian Cox Q&A l Joan Allen Q&A l Paul Greengrass Q&A l Franka Potente Q&A l Preview l US reaction

Before Sunset (15) l Feature l US reaction l Preview

Batman Begins - Preview l Trailer released

Marlon Brando - An obituary

Bad Education (La Mala Educacion) (18)

Bad Education - Director's statement

Bad Education - Extracts from an Almodovar interview

Bus 174 (15)

Best British actor and actress - the search is on for all-time favourite

The Butterfly Effect (15)

The Butterfly Effect - Ashton Kutcher Q&A

The Butterfly Effect - Preview

Barbershop 2 (12A)

Batmobile named greatest movie car ever

Bad Education - Preview (Film to open Cannes 2004)

Blind Flight - Preview

Batman Begins - Ken Watanabe cast as villain/nemesis

The Barbarian Invasions (18)

Bafta - Winners announced (2004)

Before Sunset - Preview

Drew Barrymore gets star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Big Fish (PG)

Big Fish - US reaction

Big Fish - Preview

Bafta announce 2004 nominations but snub Cruise epic

Black and White (15)

Sir Alan Bates - Obituary

Broadcast Film Critics' Association nominations (2004)

Batman 5 - Cillian Murphy cast as villain

Bad Santa - Preview & US reaction

Bodysong (18)

Blind Shaft (15)

British Independent Film Awards 2003 (Dirty Pretty Things)

Bollywood Queen (PG)


Bad Boys 2 (15)

Bad Boys 2 - Feature

Bad Boys 2 - Will Smith Q&A

Bad Boys 2 - Martin Lawrence Q&A

Bad Boys 2 - Jerry Bruckheimer Q&A

Bad Boys 2 - US reaction

Bad Boys 2 - Preview

Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary (PG)

Belleville Rendez-vous (12A)

Belleville Rendez-vous wins first BBC World Cinema Award

Belleville Rendez-vous - Sylvain Chomet Q&A (Part One)

Belleville Rendez-vous - Sylvain Chomet Q&A (Part Two)

Blue Car - Preview

Charles Bronson - Obituary and tribute

Belleville Rendez-vous - Preview

Buffalo Soldiers (15)

Brown Sugar (12A)

Brown Sugar - preview, US reaction and competition

Bruce Almighty (12A)

Bruce Almighty - special feature

Bruce Almighty - Jim Carrey Q&A

Bruce Almighty - Tom Shadyac Q&A

Bruce Almighty - US box office

Bruce Almighty - Preview

Biker Boyz (12A)

Basic (15)

Bringing Down The House (12A)

Bringing Down The House - Queen Latifah Q&A

Battle Royale 2 - Preview

Blue Crush (12A)

The Banger Sisters (15)

The Banger Sisters - Feature

Blood Work (15)

Bundy (18)

Bowling For Columbine (15)

Bowling For Columbine - Feature

The Bourne Identity (12)

The Bourne Identity - Preview

Bad Company (12)

Baise-Moi (18)

The Business of Strangers (15)

Blade 2 (18)

Baby Boy (15)

Bandits (12)

Behind Enemy Lines (15)

Black Hawk Down (15)

Black Hawk Down - Feature

Brotherhood of the Wolf (15)

Bafta Nominations Announced

Bafta Nominations 2003

Bafta Orange Nominations 2002

Bafta Winners

Bafta Winners 2003

Ballistic - Preview

Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham - Special

British Film Shakeup

British Indie Awards 2002


Bulletproof Monk

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Crash - Preview & US reaction

The Consequences of Love (15)

Cursed - Christina Ricci interview

Chicken Tikka Massala - Chris Bisson interview

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - Preview

Cinderella Man l Preview & US reaction

Constantine (15) l Feature l Keanu Reeves Q&A l Rachel Weisz Q&A l Gavin Rossdale Q&A l Francis Lawrence Q&A l US reaction l Preview

The Chorus (12A)

Coach Carter (12A) l Feature l Samuel L Jackson interview

Criminal (15) l John C Reilly Q&A l Diego Luna Q&A l Maggie Gyllenhaal Q&A l Gregory Jacobs Q&A

Creep (18)

The Chumscrubber - Preview

Closer (15) l Feature l Patrick Marber Q&A l Preview

Cellular (15)

Collateral (15) l Feature l Michael Mann Q&A l Jamie Foxx Q&A l Jada Pinkett-Smith Q&A l US reaction l Preview

The Chronicles of Riddick (15) l Feature l Vin Diesel Q&A l David Twohy Q&A

City of God - sequel planned

Catwoman (12A) l Feature (Sharon Stone) l Halle Berry Q&A l Sharon Stone Q&A l Benjamin Bratt Q&A l Lambert Wilson Q&A l Denise Di Novi Q&A l Preview l US reaction

The Cooler: Review | Feature | Preview & US Reaction

Connie and Carla (12A)

Close Your Eyes - Preview & US reaction

The Calcium Kid (15)

Cannes Film Festival 2004 - line-up announced

The Cat in the Hat (PG)

Collateral - Preview

The Chronicles of Riddick - Preview

The Clearing - Preview (Redford at Sundance)

Cheaper By The Dozen (PG)

Cold Creek Manor (15)

The Company - Preview & US reaction

Cold Mountain (15)

Cold Mountain - Feature

Cold Mountain - Nicole Kidman Q&A

Cold Mountain - Anthony Minghella Q&A

Cold Mountain - Weinstein laments best picture snub

Cold Mountain - US reaction

The Cooler - Preview & US reaction

The Cat in the Hat - Preview & US reaction

The Cuckoo (12A)

Cold Mountain - Preview

Cabin Fever (15) - A good review

Cabin Fever - A second opinion

Cabin Fever - Eli Roth interview

Cabin Fever - Quick facts

Cabin Fever - Preview and US reaction

Casa De Los Babyos - Preview & US reaction

Commandante (PG)

Calendar Girls (12A)

Cypher (15)

Cypher - Vincenzo Natali exclusive interview

Cypher - Lucy Liu Q&A

Capturing the Friedmans - Preview & US reaction

Confidence (15)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (12A)

Charlie's Angels - The story behind the sequel

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - Fight club

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - US reaction

Charlie's Angels 2 - Preview

The Crime of Father Amaro (15) (El Crimen del Padre Amaro)

Che-hwa-seon (Drunk on Women & Poetry) - Special preview

Completion Film Fund Scheme

The Core (12A)

Cradle 2 The Grave (15)

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (15)

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Preview

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Clooney Fun

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Clooney Q&A

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Press conference

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Rockwell Q&A

Catch Me If You Can (12A)

Catch Me If You Can - Feature

Catch Me If You Can - Preview

City of God (18)

Chicago (15)

Chicago - Feature

Changing Lanes (15)

Changing Lanes - Feature

Changing Lanes - Preview

Cinema monopoly - Bond and Potter under fire

The Closet

Clockstoppers (PG)

The Crocodile Hunter (PG)

The Count of Monte Cristo (PG)

Collateral Damage (15)

Crossroads (PG)

Charlotte Gray (15)

London's critics announce their awards (2002)

Confidence - Preview

Cruise - Vanilla Sky Premiere

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The Descent (18) l Neil Marshall interview l Shauna Macdonald interview l Natalie Mendoza interview

Derailed - Mikael Hafstrom talks about film

DIG! (15)

Domino - Preview

Duma (PG)

The Downfall (15) l Feature l Oliver Hirschbiegel interview l Preview

Don't Move (15)

The Dukes of Hazzard - Preview

Dear Wendy - Preview

The Door In The Floor (15) l Feature l Tod Williams interview (exclusive) l Preview

The Da Vinci Code - Tom Hanks lands coveted role l Reno cast as French cop l Louvre grants permission for filming l Tautou lands coveted role l Sir Ian McKellen joins cast

Deep Throat: US re-release

De-Lovely (PG) l Preview

The Downfall - Preview

Dodgeball (12A) l Feature l Ben Stiller Q&A l Vince Vaughn Q&A - Christine Taylor Q&A l Preview & US reaction

Robert De Niro - Italian citizenship row

The Departed: DiCaprio and Damon for Infernal Affairs remake l Nicholson joins cast

The Day After Tomorrow (15)

The Day After Tomorrow - Could it happen feature

The Day After Tomorrow - Jake Gyllenhaal feature

The Day After Tomorrow - Jake Gyllenhall Q&A

The Day After Tomorrow - Roland Emmerich Q&A

Deserted Station (15)

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (12A)

Dogville (15)

Dawn of the Dead - Preview

Directors' Guild of America opt for Return of the King

The Dreamers (18)

The Dreamers - Bertolucci Q&A

Directors' Guild of Great Britain nominations (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow - Preview

Michael Douglas honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Down With Love (12A)

Double Whammy (15)

Dark Blue (15)

Dark Blue - The making of the movie...

Dark Blue - Kurt Russell Q&A

Dark Blue - Ron Shelton (director) Q&A

Dark Blue - US reaction

Dragonflies (Øyenstikker) (15)

Darkness Falls (15)

The Diet Coke Movie Weekend

Dreamcatcher (15) - Review

Dreamcatcher - Stephen King Q&A

Dreamcatcher - Damian Lewis Q&A

Dreamcatcher - Preview

Daredevil (15)

Daredevil - Preview

Dirty Pretty Things (15)

Dirty Pretty Things - Feature

The Dancer Upstairs (15)

The Dancer Upstairs - Preview

The Dancer Upstairs - Bardem Feature

The Dancer Upstairs - Malkovich Feature

Deathwatch (15)


Die Another Day - Preview

Die Another Day - Berry Feature

Die Another Day - Box Office News

Die Another Day - Brosnan Feature

Die Another Day - Cleese Feature

Die Another Day - Sex Preview

Die Another Day - Villains Feature

Donnie Darko (15)

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (12A)

Dogtown and Z-Boys (15)

Dragonfly (12)

Dog Soldiers (15)

Dark Blue World (12)

Dinner Rush (15)

Don't Say A Word (12)

The Deep End (15)

Deepend - Feature

Desperado2 - Preview

Devil's Backbone

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Evil (Ondskan) (15) l Feature l Mikael Håfström interview

L'Enfant (The Child) - Palme d'Or winner 2005

The Edukators (15) l Soundtrack

Elektra (12A)

Ella Enchanted (U)

Evil Dead to be remade by Raimi and Campbell

Enduring Love (15) l Preview

Exorcist: The Beginning (15) l Preview l US reaction

Eurotrip (15)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (15) - Jack Foley verdict

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Graeme Kay verdict

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Michel Gondry feature

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Michel Gondry Q&A

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Jim Carrey Q&A

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Kate Winslet Q&A

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Mark Ruffalo Q&A

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Kirsten Dunst Q&A

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Preview & US reaction

Clint Eastwood to produce, direct and star in Baby project

Edison - Justin Timberlake alongside Freeman & Spacey

Ealing Festival of Film Comedy

Elephant (15)

Clint Eastwood to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

Escape Studios announce Ridley Scott Awards

Elephant wins Palme d'Or

Evelyn (PG)

Evelyn - Preview

Equilibrium (15)

8 Mile (15)

Enough (15)

8 Women (15)

The Eye (18)

Eight Legged Freaks (12)

ET - The Extra Terrestrial 20th Anniversary Edition (U)

El Crimen Del Padre - Preview

Escape Studios

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The Fantastic Four - Preview

Flags of Our Fathers - Eastwood asked to respect Japan

Flight of the Phoenix (12A) l Feature (Desert) l Feature (Genius of Ribisi) l John Moore Q&A l Preview

The Forgotten - Preview

Finding Neverland (PG) l Feature l Kate Winslet Q&A l Venice

Fahrenheit 9/11 (15) Jack Foley verdict l Debuts in US amid controversy l US release date/reaction filters in l Tarantino defends Palme d'Or decision l Wins Palme d'Or l Cannes world premiere l Sequel planned?

The Football Factory (18)

Fahrenheit 9/11 - Preview & controversy

The Fog of War (PG)

Freaky Friday (PG)

The Fog of War - Preview & US reaction

Finding Nemo (U)

The Four Feathers (15)

Fulltime Killer (18)

Finding Nemo sets animated US Box Office record for Pixar

Full Frontal (18)

Full Frontal - Preview

Fanfan La Tulipe - Preview

Far From Heaven (12A)

Far From Heaven - Feature

Far From Heavenn - Preview

Frida (15)

Frida - Life Story

Frida - Press Conference

Frida - Taymor Q&A

Final Destination 2 (15)

Frailty (15)

Frailty - Preview

40 Days & 40 Nights (15)

From Hell (18)

The 51st State (18)

Film Four Puttnam - Feature

Film Four Trouble

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The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael - Gang-rape film shocks Cannes

A Good Woman (PG)

The Great New Wonderful: Preview l Gyllenhaal in 9/11 row

Guess Who (12A)

The Good German - Clooney re-teams with Soderbergh for WWII drama

Gunner Palace - Preview & US reaction

Golden Globe winners 2005 (The Aviator/Ray/Million Dollar Baby)

Garden State (15) l Feature l Natalie Portman Q&A l OST

The Grudge (15) l Sarah Michelle Gellar interview

Graduate update (Rob Reiner to direct Costner and Aniston)

Garfield (U)

The Girl Next Door (15)

Gothika (15)

Gothika - Feature

Gothika - Halle Berry Q&A

Gothika - Preview & US reaction

Garden State - Preview

Golden Globe winners 2004

Girl With A Pearl Earring (12A)

Girl With A Pearl Earring - Feature

Girl With A Pearl Earring - Scarlett Johansson Q&A

Girl With A Pearl Earring - Colin Firth Q&A

Girl With A Pearl Earring - Peter Webber Q&A

Girl With a Pearl Earring - Preview & US reaction

Grease named best musical of all-time in Channel 4 poll

Hugh Grant honoured with Stanley Kubrick award

Gigli (15)

Gerry (15)

Gigli - Preview and US reaction

Goodby Lenin! (15)

The Guys - Preview

Gerry - Preview

The Good Thief (15)

Ghost Ship (18)

Gangs of New York (18)

Gangs of New York - Preview

Gangs of New York - UK Premiere

The Good Girl (15)

The Good Girl - Preview

The Guru (15)

Ghosts of Mars (15)

Ghost World (15)

Goldmember (12)

Golden Globe Winners 2003

Golden Globe Nominations 2003

Gosford park

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Hidden - French thriller a hit at Cannes (Preview)

Hitman - Vin Diesel to play Agent 47

House of Wax (15) l Elisha Cuthbert l Paris Hilton l Chad Michael Murray

The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy (PG) l Feature l Martin Freeman Q&A l Zooey Deschanel Q&A l Sam Rockwell Q&A l Bill Nighy Q&A l Garth Jennings Q&A l Producers defend film against criticism l Preview

Hard Candy - Preview

Hostage (15) l Feature l Bruce Willis Q&A

Hitch (12A) l Romantic disasters of the Hitch cast l Will Smith feature l How not make a successful romantic comedy l Will Smith Q&A l Eva Mendes Q&A l Kevin James Q&A l Amber Valletta Q&A l Andy Tennant Q&A l Preview & US reaction

Hotel Rwanda (12A) l Feature l Don Cheadle Q&A l Sophie Okonedo Q&A l Paul Rusesabagina Q&A l Terry George Q&A l Preview & Toronto victory

House of Flying Daggers (15) l Feature l Takeshi Kaneshiro Q&A l Zhang Ziyi Q&A l Zhang Yimou Q&A

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Director announced

A Home At The End of the World (15) l Colin Farrell Q&A

Hero (12A) l Jet Li Q&A l Zhang Yimou Q&A

Hellboy (12A) l Feature l Ron Perlman Q&A l Selma Blair Q&A l Guillermo del Toro Q&A l Preview & US reaction

Hamburg Cell - Edinburgh preview

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban (PG)

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban - feature

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban - Radcliffe and kids Q&A

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban - Gary Oldman/Michael Gambon Q&A

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban - director/producer Q&A

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban smashes UK box office record

Hidalgo (12A)

Hidalgo - Feature

Hidalgo - Viggo Mortensen Q&A

House of Sand and Fog (15)

House of Sand and Fog - Feature

House of Sand and Fog - Sir Ben Kingsley Q&A

House of Sand and Fog - Vadim Perelman Q&A (Director)

House of Sand and Fog - Preview

Hidalgo - Preview

The Haunted Mansion (PG)

The Haunted Mansion - Marsha Thomason Q&A

The Human Stain (18)

The Human Stain - Preview

The Human Stain - US reaction

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban - Preview

Hellboy - Preview & US reaction

Holes (PG)

Hollywood Homicide (12A)

Historias Minimas (Little Stories) (15)


The Hulk (12A)

The Hulk - Exploring people's inner Hulk

The Hulk - Ang Lee Q&A

The Hulk - Josh Lucas Q&A

The Hulk - Trailers, clips and Eric Bana/Jennifer Connelly audio

The Hulk - US reaction

Katharine Hepburn - A Tribute

Hollywood Homicide - Preview and US reaction

The Hunted - Benicio Del Toro Q&A

The Hot Chick (12A)

Hope Springs (12A)

Hope Springs - Colin Firth Q&A

Hope Springs - Mark Herman Q&A

The Hours (15)

The Hours - Preview

The Hours - Daldry & Co

The Hours - Kidman Q&A

The Hours - Streep & Moore

Hulk - Preview

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PG)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Feature

Harry Potter - Article

High Crimes (12A)

Hable Con Ella (Talk To Her) (15)

Heaven (15)

Heaven - Q&A

Hardball (12)

Hart's War (15)

Hearts In Atlantis (12)

Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone (PG)

Heist (15)

The Hired Hand (12)

Hero - Preview

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days (12A)

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Into The Blue - Preview (Alba dons bikini)

The Island - Preview

Inside Deep Throat (18)

It's All Gone Pete Tong (15) l Paul Kaye interview

In Good Company (PG)

The Interpreter (12A) l Preview

I Heart Huckabees (15) l Preview

The Incredibles (U) l Feature l Brad Bird Q&A (Part 1) l (Part 2)

I Robot (12A) l Feature (Will Smith) l Will Smith Q&A l Alex Proyas Q&A l Preview l US reaction

The Incredibles - Preview

I'm Not Scared (15)

I'm Not Scared - Preview & US reaction

Independent Spirit Awards 2004 - Lost in Translation cleans up

It's All About Love (15)

Intermission (18)

Intermission - Feature

Intermission - Colin Farrell Q&A

Intermission - Kelly Macdonald Q&A

It's All About Love - Preview

In The Cut (18)

In The Cut - Feature

In The Cut - Meg Ryan Q&A

In The Cut - Mark Ruffalo Q&A

In The Cut - Jane Campion Q&A

In The Cut opens London Film Festival

In America (15)

Intolerable Cruelty (12A)

Intolerable Cruelty - George Clooney Q&A

Intolerable Cruelty - US reaction

Intolerable Cruelty - Clooney and Zeta Jones wow Venice


The Italian Job (12A)

The Italian Job - Why remake a classic?

The Italian Job - Mark Wahlberg Q&A

The Italian Job - Charlize Theron Q&A

The Italian Job - Preview & US reaction

Imagining Argentina - Venice blow for Emma Thompson

In The Cut (Meg Ryan erotic thriller) to debut at Toronto

The In-Laws (12A)

Igby Goes Down (15)

Igby Goes Down - Special feature

Igby Goes Down - The quotes

Igby Goes Down - Preview & US reaction

Identity (15)

Identity - Preview and US reaction

I Capture The Castle (PG) - Review

I Capture The Castle - Romola Garai Q&A

I-Spy (12A)

Insomnia (15)

Insomnia - Feature

Insomnia - Preview

ivansxtc. (18)

Ice Age (U)

In The Bedroom (15)

Imax After Dark Season

Imax Blockbusters

Intolerable Cruelty - Preview

Iris - Review

Irreversible - Preview

Irreversible - Review

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The Jacket (15) l Feature l Keira Knightley Q&A l Adrien Brody Q&A l Daniel Craig Q&A l Preview & US reaction

Jersey Girl - Preview & US reaction

Jeepers Creepers 2 (15)

James Cameron's Ghosts of the Abyss

Johnny English - Atkinson Q&A

Johnny English - Imbruglia Q&A

Johnny English - Miller Q&A

Johnny English - Press Conference

Johnny English - Review

Just Married

John Q (15)

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (U)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (18)

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Kings and Queen (Rois et Reine) (15)

Kingdom of Heaven (15) l Feature (Scott hits back at religious critics) l Preview l Muslims respond & clips l Global reaction & box office

Kung Fu Hustle (15) l Stephen Chow interview l Preview & US reaction

Kinsey (15) l Feature l Liam Neeson Q&A l Laura Linney Q&A l Preview & US reaction

King Arthur (12A) Review l Cast feature l Historical feature l Clive Owen Q&A l Ioan Gruffudd Q&A l Keira Knightley Q&A l Ray Winstone Q&A l Jerry Bruckheimer Q&A l Antoine Fuqua Q&A l John Matthews Q&A l Key historical facts l David Franzoni Q&A l Preview l US reaction l Geography row

KILL BILL: VOLUME 2 - SPECIAL: Kill Bill: Volume 2 (18) l Quentin Tarantino feature l Cast honour Tarantino l Quentin Tarantino Q&A l Uma Thurman Q&A l David Carradine Q&A l Michael Madsen Q&A l Daryl Hannah Q&A l US reaction l More movies in store from Tarantino? l Preview l Kill Bill - Patrick Stewart hits out at violence towards women

Kiss of Life (12A)

Keira Knightley named top film breakout star of 2003 by US magazine

Composer, Michael Kamen, dies

KILL BILL: VOLUME ONE SPECIAL Kill Bill: Volume One (18) l Feature l Geek's survival guide l Quentin Tarantino Q&A l Uma Thurman Q&A l Daryl Hannah Q&A l Julie Dreyfus Q&A l US reaction

Krampack (15)

K-19: The Widowmaker (12A) l Preview

Kissing Jessica Stein (15) l NY guide

Killing Me Softly (18)

K-Pax (12)

Kate & Leopold (12)

Kiss of the Dragon (18)

Kill Bill - Preview

Knockaround Guys - Preview

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League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (15) l Mark Gatiss interview l Steve Pemberton l Reece Shearsmith

Last Days - Cobain film hits Cannes

The Last Horror Movie (18)

London Film Festival 2005

The Longest Yard - Preview

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (15) l Feature l Wes Anderson Q&A l Angelica Huston Q&A l Preview

London Critics' Circle 2005 Awards

The Lovely Bones - Peter Jackson to direct

Ladder 49 (12A)

A Love Song for Bobby Long - Preview

Look at Me (Comme Une Image) (12A)

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (PG) l Jim Carrey l Meryl Streep l Kids l Director l Timothy Spall l Preview

Layer Cake (15) l Feature l Daniel Craig Q&A l Matthew Vaughn Q&A l OST

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (15) l Geoffrey Rush Q&A l Charlize Theron Q&A

The Last Life in the Universe (15)

The Ladykillers (15) l Feature l Tom Hanks Q&A l Joel Coen Q&A

The Ladykillers - Preview & US reaction

Leo (15

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (PG)

London Film Critics opt for Master and Commander

The Last Samurai (15) l Feature l Cruise wows fans at UK premiere l US reaction

Lost in Translation (15) - Jack Foley's verdict

Lost in Translation (15) - Graeme Kay's reaction

Lost in Translation - Feature

Lost in Translation - Independent Spirit Awards 2004

Lost in Translation - Comedy win

Lost in Translation - Scarlett Johansson Q&A

Lost in Translation - Sofia Coppola Q&A

Lost in Translation - Ross Katz (Producer) Q&A

Lost in Translation - preview & US reaction

Lost in Translation - Venice reaction

Lost in Translation - soundtrack review

London Film Critics' Awards nominations 2004

LoTR: Return of the King (12A)

LoTR: Return of the King - Feature

LoTR: Return of the King breaks box office records

LoTR: Return of the King - Jackson hits back in Lee row

LoTR: Return of the King - US reaction

LoTR: Return of the King in AFI's best of 2003 list

LoTR: Return of the King named best film by New York Critics' Circle

LoTR: Return of the King - UK premiere attracts record turnout

LoTR: Return of the King - World premiere

LoTR Return of the King - Anger as Christopher Lee scenes 'cut'

Lord of the Rings extended versions to play in cinemas

LoTR: Return of the King - First-look preview


Love Actually (15)

Love Actually - feature

Love Actually - Keira Knightley Q&A

Love Actually - Colin Firth Q&A

Love Actually sets UK opening record

Love Actually UK premiere

Love Actually - Preview

Love Actually - US reaction

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (12A)

Le Divorce (12A)

Le Divorce - Kate Hudson Q&A

Le Divorce - Naomi Watts Q&A

London Film Festival Mini-site (news, previews and reactions)

London Film Festival - closing facts & figures

London Film Festival - Sylvia brings festival to a close

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (U)

Legally Blonde 2 (PG)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - US reaction

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Preview

The Last Great Wilderness (18)

The Life of David Gale (15)

The Life of David Gale - Feature

Love Liza (15)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (12A)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Premiere

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Preview

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Feature

L.I.E. (18)

Lantana (15)

Lantana - Feature

Lantana - Preview

La Spagnola (15)

Lovely and Amazing (15)

Lawless Heart (15)

The Last Castle (15)

Legally Blonde (12)

Last Orders - Review

Lion King Imax

London Film Critics Awards 2003

London Film Critics Nominations 2002

London Film Festival - Highlights

London Film Festival

London Film Festival - What's showing

The Lord of the Rings - Premiere

The Lord of the Rings - Review

The Lord of the Rings - Story

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Mr & Mrs Smith (15) l Feature l Clips package l Preview

Madagascar - Preview & US reaction

MTV Movie Awards 2005 - Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams, Napoleon Dynamite

Match Point - Preview (Woody Allen)

Millions (12A)

Mondays in the Sun (15)

Mean Creek (15)

Maria Full of Grace (15) l Preview

Miss Congeniality 2 (12A) l Feature l Sandra Bullock Q&A l Regina King Q&A l Enrique Murciano Q&A

The Machinist (15)

The Magic Roundabout (U)

Meet The Fockers l Feature l Dustin Hoffman Q&A l Sequel breaks US Xmas Day record l Preview

Million Dollar Baby (12A) l Feature l Preview & US reaction l Best film of 2004

The Merchant of Venice (PG) l Al Pacino interview

The Manchurian Candidate (15) l Denzel Washington Q&A l Meryl Streep Q&A l Liev Schreiber Q&A l Jonathan Demme Q&A l Tina Sinatra Q&A l Preview & US reaction

Miami Vice - Jamie Foxx up for Tubbs

The Merchant of Venice - Pacino wows Venice

The Motorcycle Diaries (15)

Mission: Impossible 3 - Casting news (Moss/Johansson/Branagh) l Joe Carnahan quits l JJ Abrams/new cast members

Man on Fire - Preview and US reaction

The Motorcycle Diaries - Preview

MTV Movie Awards 2004 - winners

Monster (18)

Monster - Feature

Monster - Charlize Theron Q&A

Monster - Patty Jenkins Q&A

Monster - Preview & US reaction

Monty Python's Life of Brian to be re-released in US

Monsieur Ibrahim - Preview & US reaction

Mona Lisa Smile (12A)

Mona Lisa Smile - Feature

The Missing (15)

Master & Commander (12A)

Master & Commander - UK premiere

Master & Commander - US reaction

Master & Commander - Preview

Master & Commander - Trailer and new website released

Miranda (15)

The Medallion (PG)


The Matrix Revolutions (15)

The Matrix Revolutions - Special feature (stars reflect)

The Matrix Revolutions - Keanu Reeves Q&A

The Matrix Revolutions - Laurence Fishburne Q&A

The Matrix Revolutions - Carrie-Anne Moss Q&A

The Matrix Revolutions - Jada Pinkett Smith Q&A

The Matrix Revolutions - Breaks global box office records

The Matrix Revolutions - US reaction

My Life Without Me (15)

My Life Without Me - Sarah Polley Q&A

My Life Without Me - Isabel Coixet Q&A

The Missing - Preview & US reaction


Mystic River (15)

Mystic River - Tipped for Oscar success

Mystic River - Feature

Mystic River - Clint Eastwood Q&A

Mystic River - Tim Robbins Q&A

Mystic River - Laurence Fishburne Q&A

Mystic River - US reaction


Matchstick Men (12A)

Matchstick Men - feature

Matchstick Men - Sir Ridley Scott Q&A

Matchstick Men - Alison Lohman Q&A

Matchstick Men - Jack Rapke, producer, Q&A

Matchstick Men - US reaction

Man of the Year (O Homem do Ano) (15)

The Man Who Sued God (15)

Ma Vie (Ma Vraie Vie à Rouen) (15)

Max (15)

Max - The truth behind the controversy (special feature)

Max - John Cusack Q&A

Max - A history of modern art

Max - US reaction

MTV Movie Awards 2003 - Winners

Mystic River - Preview


Matrix Reloaded - Review

Matrix Reloaded - feature

Matrix Reloaded - Keanu Reeves Q&A

Matrix Reloaded - Laurence Fishburne Q&A

Matrix Reloaded - Hugo Weaving Q&A

Matrix Reloaded - Joel Silver Q&A

Matrix Reloaded - Jada Pinkett-Smith Q&A

Matrix Reloaded - US reaction

Matrix Reloaded - IMAX experience

Matrix Reloaded - Global phenomenon

Matrix Revolutions - Preview

Mondays in the Sun - Preview

Matchstick Men - Preview

Matrix Reloaded - Cannes

Maid In Manhattan (PG)

The Magdalene Sisters (15)

The Magdalene Sisters - Preview

Moonlight Mile (15)

Matrix Reloaded - Preview

Matrix Reloaded - Preview 2

The Man Without A Past (12A)

Morvern Callar (15)

Morvern Callar - Morton Q&A

Morvern Callar - Ramsay Q&A

Mr Deeds (12A)

My Little Eye (18)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (PG)

Men In Black 2 (PG)

Men In Black 2 - Feature

Men In Black 2 - Q&A

Minority Report (12)

Minority Report - Premiere

Minority Report - Story

Murder By Numbers (15)

The Musketeer (PG)

Monster's Ball (15)

The Majestic (PG)

The Mothman Prophecies (12)

The Mothman Prophecies - Story

Monsters Inc (U)

The Man Who Wasn't There (15)

Mean Machine (18)

Moulin Rouge (15)

Moulin Rouge Imax

Mulholland Drive (15)

MOMI closes

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Night Watch - Preview

Nine Songs (18) l Feature l Brit sex flick facing legal challenge l Brit sex flick shocks at Cannes (Preview)

National Treasure (PG) l Feature l Nicolas Cage Q&A l Diane Kruger Q&A l Sean Bean Q&A l Jerry Bruckheimer Q&A l Jon Turteltaub Q&A l Preview

National Board of Review - Best films of 2004

Napolean Dynamite - Review l Jon Heder Q&A l Preview

Nicotina - Preview

Northfork (PG)

Northfork - Polish brothers interview (Exclusive)

November - Preview

National Society of US Film Critics honour American Splendor

Ned Kelly (15)

Ned Kelly - Heath Ledger Q&A

Ned Kelly - Geoffrey Rush Q&A

Ned Kelly - Gregor Jordan Q&A

Nicholas Nickleby (PG)

Nicholas Nickleby - Interview with Douglas McGrath

National Security (12A)

Narc (15)

Narc - Feature

Narc - Preview

Nine Queens (15)

No Man's Land (15)

National Society of Film Critics 2002

From Hell to Neverland for Depp

Not Another Teen Movie

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Overnight (15)

Only Human (15)

Oscars 2005 - Winners (Eastwood/Foxx)

Ocean's 12 (12A) l Feature l Cast interview l Jerry Weintraub Q&A

Orange Film of the Year (Baftas) 2005 nominations

Open Water (15) l Shark facts l Survivor's guide l Preview & US reaction

Oldboy - Preview

Ocean's 12 - First-look preview l Plot revealed/Mafia dismissed l US reaction

Orange Wednesdays - Take a friend to the movies for free

Open Range (12A)

Open Range - Feature

Open Range - Kevin Costner Q&A

Open Range - Robert Duvall Q&A

Open Range - US reaction

Open Range - Preview

One Last Chance (15)

Oscars 2004 - Winners (Return of the King sweeps board)

Oscars 2004 - Winners list in full

Out of Time (12A)

Out of Time - Dean Cain interview

Out of Time - Preview & US reaction

Once Upon A Time in Mexico (15)

Once Upon A Time in Mexico - Antonio Banderas Q&A

Once Upon A Time in Mexico - Salma Hayek Q&A

Once Upon A Time in Mexico - Robert Rodriguez Q&A

Once Upon A Time in Mexico - US reaction

Out of Time - Preview & US reaction

Old School (15)

Old School - Feature

Old School - Luke Wilson Q&A

Old School - Will Ferrell Q&A

Oscar Winners, 2003

The One and Only (15)

Orange County (12A)

One Hour Photo (15)

One Hour Photo - Press conference 1

One Hour Photo - Press conference 2

One Hour Photo - Preview

Ocean's Eleven (12)

The Others (12)

Online Film Critics Awards 2002

Oscar Nominations 2003

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The Poseidon Adventure - Kurt Russell heads remake

The Pacifier (PG) l Vin Diesel interview

People's Choice US Awards 2005 (Moore/Gibson/Roberts)

The Phantom of the Opera - Review l Feature l Gerard Butler l Joel Schumacher l Minnie Driver l Patrick Wilson l Emmy Rossum

The Polar Express - Review l Feature l Tom Hanks l Robert Zemeckis l Steve Starkey l Preview l US reaction

The Punisher (18)

The Pink Panther (Steve Martin) - Preview

The Prince and Me (PG)

Lord Puttnam admits to suffering from ME for charity

The Punisher - Preview & US reaction

The Passion of the Christ (18)

The Passion of the Christ - Jim Caviezel on suffering for his art

The Passion of the Christ - Mel Gibson on the motives behind the movie

The Passion of the Christ - Gibson's soundbytes

The Passion of the Christ - Franciscan friars (NY) petition Gibson

The Passion of the Christ - Returns to US No. 1 spot for Easter

The Passion of the Christ - Breaks Italian box office record

The Passion of the Christ - Opens in the Middle East

The Passion of the Christ - French critics savage movie

The Passion of the Christ - UK Box Office success

The Passion of the Christ - France joins the debate

The Passion of the Christ - Jewish leaders in Germany concerned

The Passion of the Christ - Vatican sermon/Box Office continues

The Passion of the Christ - Breaks five-day US box office record/books frenzy

The Passion of the Christ - Seventh highest Friday to Sunday US gross

The Passion of the Christ - factual inaccuracies and US reaction

The Passion of the Christ - Takes over $20 million on US first day

The Passion of the Christ - Jewish leader hits out at 'Mel's gospel'

The Passion of the Christ - First UK review (Daily Telegraph)

The Passion of the Christ - Gibson and co-star defend film

The Passion of the Christ to open on 2,000 US screens

The Passion of the Christ approved by The Pope

The Passion of the Christ courts more controversy

The Principles of Lust (18)

Pieces of April (12A)

People I Know (15)

Paycheck (12A)

Paycheck - Ben Affleck faces off to tormentors

Paycheck - Ben Affleck Q&A

Paycheck - John Woo Q&A

Paycheck - US reaction

Paycheck - Preview

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) Awards nominations (2004)

Peter Pan (PG)

Petites Coupures (Small Cuts) (15)


Pirates of the Caribbean (12A)

Pirates of the Caribbean - Orlando Bloom feature

Pirates of the Caribbean - Orlando Bloom Q&A

Pirates of the Caribbean - Keira Knightley feature

Pirates of the Caribbean - Keira Knightley Q&A

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jerry Bruckheimer Q&A

Pirates of the Caribbean - Gore Verbinski Q&A

Pirates of the Caribbean - US verdict

Pirates of the Caribbean - Preview

Le Passion de Jeanne d'Arc

The Passion - Preview

Gregory Peck 1916-2003: A Tribute

Al Pacino named greatest actor of all time

Personal Velocity

Punch-Drunk Love (15)

Punch-Drunk Love - Paul Thomas Anderson Q&A

Punch-Drunk Love - Emily Watson Q&A

Punch-Drunk Love - Preview

The Pianist (15)

Pianist Holocaust - Feature

Pianist - Preview

Pianist - Q&A

The Passion - Preview

Possession (12A)

Pluto Nash (PG)

Panic Room (15)

The Pledge (15)

The Princess Diaries (U)

Personal Velocity - Preview

Phone Booth - Preview

Phone Booth - Review

The Piano Teacher

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The Quiet American (15)

The Quiet American - Feature

The Queen of the Damned (15)

R (Return to top)

Raindance East Film Festival 2005 l Interview with Greg Hall

The Ring 2 (15) l Feature l Strange happenings l Hideo Nakata interview

Robots (U)

Ray (12A) l Feature l Jamie Foxx Q&A l Preview

Resident Evil: Apocalypse - Preview

Keanu Reeves - Stunt Man honour

Razzies - Gigli lands six awards

The Runaway Jury (12A)

The Runaway Jury - Preview

The Runaway Jury - US reaction

Raindance Film Festival 2003 - Closing facts, figures and winners

Raindance Film Festival - Two-day film school (Nov 29-30)

Raindance Film Festival - Highlights and news

Raising Victor Vargas (15)

The Return wins Golden Lion (Venice)

Rain (15)

Rain - Director's introduction

Rain - Preview and US reaction

Ripley's Game (15)

Ripley's Game - Special feature

Ripley's Game - John Malkovich Q&A

Raising Victor Vargas - Preview

The Recruit - Donaldson Q&A

The Recruit - Farrell Q&A

The Recruit - Press conference

The Recruit - Preview

The Recruit - Review

Rules of Attraction (18)

The Ring (15)

The Ring - Preview

Real Women Have Curves (12A)

Real Women Have Curves - Preview

Rabbit-Proof Fence (PG)

Red Dragon (15)

Red Dragon - Feature

Red Dragon - Preview

Road to Perdition (15)

Road to Perdition - Feature

Road to Perdition - Preview

Reign of Fire (12)

Rififi (12)

Resident Evil (15)

Rollerball (15)

Roberto Succo (15)

Roadkill (15)

The Royal Tenenbaums (15)

Riding In Cars With Boys (12)

Rock Star (15)

Raindance Film Festival

Recruit - Preview

Regus Film Festival Facts

Regus Film Festival

Richard Harris dies

Ripleys Game - Preview

Rules Of Attraction - Preview

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Swimming Upstream (12A)

Sin City (18) l Feature l Robert Rodriguez l Frank Miller l Mickey Rourke l Benicio Del Toro l Clive Owen l Brittany Murphy l Jessica Alba l Rosario Dawson l Preview l US reaction

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (12A) l Feature l What's next for Lucas? l Lucas fears for industry l George Lucas interview l Hayden Christensen interview l Anthony Daniels interview l Ian McDiarmid Q&A

Stander (15)

Strings (PG)

A Stolen Life - Preview and Tribeca success

Stealth - Preview

Seed of Chucky (15)

A Scanner Darkly - Preview

Sahara (12A)

Spider-Man 3 - Sideways star to play villain

Stander l Preview & US reaction

Star Wars: Episode 3: Darkest film yet/final trailer released l Join the marathon l Global reaction filters in

Shall We Dance (12A) l Feature l Richard Gere Q&A l Peter Chelsom Q&A l Preview & US reaction

The Sea Inside (PG) l Feature l Javier Bardem Q&A l Director Q&A l Preview l Film sweeps Goyas

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (U)

SAG Awards 2005

Sideways (15) l Feature l Alexander Payne Q&A l Preview & US reaction l LA film critics honour film l NY critics

Sword of Xanten (12A)

Save The Green Planet (18)

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (PG) l Preview & US reaction

Saw (18)

Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton surfer/shark victim film

Super Size Me - Preview

The Stepford Wives (12A)

Superman - Bryan Singer quits X-Men l Unknown actor cast l Spacey and Bosworth for Luthor and Lane

Silver City - Preview

Spider-Man 2 (PG) l Feature l Alfred Molina Q&A l Sam Raimi Q&A l Avi Arad Q&A l US Box Office l US reaction l Preview l Oscar bid/IMAX

Shrek 2 (U) l Feature l Antonio Banderas Q&A l Dame Julie Andrews l Rupert Everett l Jeffrey Katzenberg (exec. producer)

She Hate Me (15) l Preview (new Spike Lee)

The Stepford Wives - Preview & US reaction

Shrek 2 shatters US box office records

Shrek 2 - US reaction

Shrek 2 - Cannes special

Shark Tale - stars turn out at Cannes (Preview)

Shattered Glass (12A)

Shattered Glass - Director's Statement

Shattered Glass - Preview & US reaction

Shrek 2 - Preview

The Secret Window (12A)

Star Wars: Episode III - DVD package to reveal Vader 'look'

Shaun of the Dead (15)

Shaun of the Dead - Feature

Shaun of the Dead - Simon Pegg Q&A

Shaun of the Dead - Edgar Wright Q&A

Star Wars Episode III: News (US release date, DVD, fight scenes)

Scooby Doo 2 (PG)

The Station Agent (15)

The Station Agent - Peter Dinklage (Fin) Q&A

The Station Agent - Tom McCarthy (writer/director) Q&A

The Station Agent - Preview & US reaction

Starsky & Hutch Special

Starsky & Hutch (15)

Starsky & Hutch - Glaser discusses show's success and Stiller

Starsky & Hutch - Why the enduring appeal?

Starsky & Hutch - Ben Stiller Q&A

Starsky & Hutch - Owen Wilson Q&A

Starsky & Hutch - Todd Phillips Q&A

Starsky & Hutch - Paul Michael Glaser Q&A

Starsky & Hutch - David Soul Q&A

Starsky & Hutch - Antonio Fargas Q&A

Starsky & Hutch - US reaction

Starsky & Hutch - UK premiere

Starsky & Hutch First-look preview

Suzie Gold (15)

Spider-Man 3 - Work begins ahead of sequel release

Screen Actors' Guild opts for Johnny Depp as best actor (2004)

Sex & The City to end in a movie?

The School of Rock (PG)

The School of Rock - Jack Black feature

The School of Rock - Jack Black Q&A

The School of Rock - Children Q&A

The School of Rock - Preview

School of Rock - US reaction

Something's Gotta Give (12A)

Something's Gotta Give - Feature

Something's Gotta Give - Jack Nicholson Q&A

Something's Gotta Give - Amanda Peet Q&A

Something's Gotta Give - Preview & US reaction

Sylvia (15)

Sundance Film Festival winners 2004

Scary Movie 3 (15)

Screen Actors' Guild Awards 2004 nominees

Stuck on You (12A)

S.W.A.T. (12A)

S.W.A.T. - US reaction

S.W.A.T. - Preview

Sexiest ever moments (Channel 4 poll)

The Shape of Things (15)

The Shape of Things - Neil LaBute Q&A

The Shape of Things - Preview & US reaction

Spun (18)

Spun - Mickey Rourke Q&A

Spun - Mena Suvari Q&A

Spun - Jonas Åkerlund Q&A

The Singing Detective (15)

Seabiscuit (PG)

Seabiscuit - Feature

Seabiscuit - Tobey Maguire Q&A

Seabiscuit - Gary Ross Q&A

Seabiscuit - Preview & US reaction

Secondhand Lions (PG)

Spellbound (U)

Spider-Man 2 - Preview

Spirit of the Beehive (PG)

Spirited Away (U)

Sexiest 'no-sex' moments (Empire)

Swimming Pool (15)

Swimming Pool - Francois Ozon Q&A

Swimming Pool - Charlotte Rampling Q&A

Swimming Pool - Ludivine Sagnier Q&A

Step Into Liquid - Preview & US reaction

The Secret Lives of Dentists - Preview & US reaction


Spy Kids 3-D: End Game (PG)

Spy Kids 3 special feature - 'Why not 3-D?'

Spy Kids 3 - Robert Rodriguez Q&A

Spy Kids 3 - Alexa Vega/Daryl Sabara Q&A

Standing in the Shadows of Motown (PG)

Sex Is Comedy (18)

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (U)

Swimming Pool - Preview & US reaction

Son of the Bride - Preview

SClub Seeing Double (PG)

Shanghai Knights - Chan Q&A

Shanghai Knights (PG)

Shanghai Knights - Wilson Q&A

Solaris (12A)

Solaris - Clooney / Soderbergh

Solaris - McElhone Q&A

Solaris - Press conference

Solaris - Preview

Stark Raving Mad (15)

Spider (15)

Star Trek: Nemesis (12A)

Screen Actors Guild - Nominations 2003

Screen Actors Guild - Winners 2003

Sweet Home Alabama (12A)

Sweet Sixteen (18)

Sweet Sixteen - Preview

Signs (12A)

Signs - Preview

The Sweetest Thing (15)

The Sum Of All Fears (12)

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (PG)

Secretary - Preview

Simone - Preview

Sonny - Preview

Sunshine State (15)

Stuart Little 2 (U)

Stu little2 - Feature

Scooby Doo (PG)

Scooby Doo - Daphne

Spiderman (12)


Spiderman - 12 Rating

Spiderman - Dunst

Spiderman Kiss

Spiderman - Premiere

Spiderman - Press Conference

Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones (U)

Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones - Press Conference

Slackers (15)

Showtime (12)

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (U)

The Scorpion King (12)

The Sidewalks of New York (15)

The Shipping News (15)

The Son's Room (15)

Shallow Hal (12)

Serendipity (PG)

Spy Game (15)

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Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (15)

Taegugki (Brotherhood) (15)

Tarnation (18)

Thumbsucker - Preview

Team America (15) l Feature l Matt Stone Q&A l Preview

Tsunami Appeal - Hollywood stars contribute

Top Ten Best 2004 l Coolest characters l Worst films

Taxi (12A)

Trauma (15)

The Terminal (12A) l US reaction l Preview

Thunderbirds (PG)

Two Brothers (U) l Guy Pearce Q&A l Preview & US reaction

Twisted (15)

Tarnation - Indie sensation at Cannes


Troy (15)

Troy - Wolfgang Petersen feature

Troy - Eric Bana feature

Troy - Building an epic (feature)

Troy - Separating fact from mythology

Troy - Wolfgang Petersen Q&A

Troy - Eric Bana Q&A

Troy - Sean Bean Q&A

Troy - Diane Kruger Q&A

Troy - Rose Byrne Q&A

Troy stars shine at Cannes

Troy - World premiere

Troy - US reaction

Troy - British Museum exhibition

Troy - First-look preview

Taking Lives (18)

Taking Lives - Preview & US reaction

Torque (15)

Trauma - Preview

Touching The Void (12A)

Touching The Void breaks UK box office record for documentary

Tokyo Story (U)

The Top 10 Best Films of 2003

The Top 10 Worst Films of 2003

The Top 10 Coolest Movie Characters of 2003

Thirteen (18)

Thirteen - Holly Hunter Q&A

Thirteen - Catherine Hardwicke Q&A

Thirteen - Preview & US reaction

Trilogy 2 (PG)

Tupac: Resurrection - Preview & US reaction

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (18)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - US reaction

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Preview

The Time of the Wolf (15)

Tears of the Sun (15)

Tears of the Sun - Bruce Willis feature

Toronto Film Festival 2003 - Preview

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (12A)

Tomb Raider 2 - Feature

Tomb Raider 2 - Angelina Jolie Q&A

Tomb Raider 2 - Jan De Bont Q&A

Tomb Raider 2 - Djimon Housou Q&A

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (12A)

Terminator 3 - Special feature

Terminator 3 - About Kristanna Loken

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - US reaction

Tomb Raider 2 - US reaction

Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life - win premiere tickets and get lowdown

Tadpole (15)

To Kill A King (15)

Tomb Raider 2 - Preview

Hable Con Ella (Talk To Her) (15)

Talk To Her - Pedro Almodovar

Talk To Her - Preview

Talk To Her - Review

Two Weeks Notice (12A)

The Transporter (15)

The Tuxedo (12A)

Trouble Every Day (18)

Trouble Everyday - Preview

The Time Machine (PG)

Thirteen Ghosts (15)

Training Day (18)

Trigger Street - Kevin Spacey

Tadpole - Preview

Tears Of The Sun - Preview

Terminator3 - Preview

Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Best 2002 - James Raffoul

Top Ten Best 2002 - Jack Foley

Top Ten Best 2002 - Simon Bell

Top Ten Turkies 2002 - Jack Foley

Top Ten Turkies 2002 - Simon Bell

Top Ten Best 2001 - Jack Foley

Top Ten Best 2001 - Simon Bell

Top Ten Turkies 2001 - Simon Bell

Top Ten Turkies 2001 - Jack Foley

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The United States of Leland (15)

Unleashed - Preview

Undertow (15)

UK Box Office enjoys record year in 2004

US Box Office set to enjoy record-breaking year (2004)

UK Film Industry - Record year for production (2004)

Under The Tuscan Sun (12A)

UK Box Office avoids predicted ticket sales slump (2003)

US Box Office (record Summer in 2003)

Underworld - Preview

Unknown Pleasures (Ren Xiao Yao) (12A)

Unfaithful (15)

Unfaithful - Press conference

UK Box Office 2002

UK Film Industry Up-turn Nov 2002

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Vanity Fair (PG) l Feature l Mira Nair Q&A l James Purefoy Q&A l Julian Fellowes Q&A

Vera Drake (12A) l Imelda Staunton Q&A l Mike Leigh Q&A l Venice (2004) l Euro Film Awards

The Village (12A) l Feature l M Night Shyamalan Q&A l Joaquin Phoenix Q&A l Bryce Dallas Howard Q&A l Adrien Brody Q&A l Preview l US reaction

Van Helsing (12A)

Valentin (PG)


The Return wins Golden Lion

Clooney and Zeta Jones wow festival

Emma Thompson's Imagining Argentina panned

Bill Murray scores a hit with Lost in Translation

End of festival

Vendredi Soir (15)

Veronica Guerin (18)

Vanilla Sky (15)

Vanilla Sky Premiere

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War of the Worlds (12A) l Feature l Tom Cruise interview l Global box office success l Cruise sprayed with water at premiere

Who Killed Bambi? (15)

We Don't Live Here Anymore (15)

Where The Truth Lies - Preview (Colin Firth sheds clothes with image)

The Wedding Crashers - Preview

What The Bleep Do We Know? (12A)

The Woodsman (15) l LFF Award l Preview

Wolf Creek - Oz horror storms Sundance

War of the Worlds - Preview

Without A Paddle (12A)

Robin Williams to get lifetime achievement Golden Globe (2005)

Wimbledon (12A) l Feature l Paul Bettany Q&A l Richard Loncraine Q&A l Preview

Walking Tall (15) l The Rock Q&A l Johnny Knoxville Q&A

Wondrous Oblivion (PG)

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (PG) l Win A Date With Tad Hamilton/Wonderland feature l Kate Bosworth Q&A

Welcome to the Jungle (12A)

Robin Williams entertains US troops in Iraq

What A Girl Wants (PG)

Whale Rider (PG) l An interview with Rawiri Paratene

Wrong Turn (18)

Whale Rider - Preview

Welcome to Collinwood (15)

Writers Guild Winners 2003

The Warrior

Windtalkers (15)

We Were Soldiers (15)

Weinstein Cardiff Fellowships

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xXx2: The Next Level (12A)

X-Men 3: Brett Ratner replaces Vaughn l Matthew Vaughn to direct l Vaughn quits

X-Files sequel - Duchovny hints at big screen reunion

X-MEN 2 (12) l Preview & US reaction l Feature l Sequel X-cels at Box Office for opening weekend l Hugh Jackman Q&A l Sir Ian McKellen Q&A l Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Q&A l Alan Cumming Q&A l Anna Paquin Q&A l Brian Cox Q&A l Famke Janssen Q&A l Shawn Ashmore Q&A l James Marsden Q&A l Kelly Hu Q&A

xXx (12A) l Preview l Cohen Feature l Diesel Projects Feature

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Young Adam - Review

Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother Too) (18)

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Zatoichi (18)

Zoolander (12)

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