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The Longest Yard - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

HAVING taken time out to explore some real acting depth in Spanglish, Adam Sandler returns to comedy for his next venture, a remake of Robert Aldrich's 1974 film, The Longest Yard, starring Burt Reynolds.

The new version keeps the original's name and one of its stars, in Reynolds, but adds a heavyweight line-up to the mix.

It's directed by Peter Segal (who has previously worked with Sandler on 50 First Dates and Anger Management) and co-stars the likes of Chris Rock, Gary Oldman, William Fichtner, James Cromwell, Brian Bosworth, David Patrick Kelly and Nick Turturro.

The film tells the story of pro quarterback, Paul Crewe (Sandler), and former college champion and coach, Nate Scarboro (Reynolds), who are 'doing time' in the same prison.

The duo are subsequently asked to put together a team of inmates to tackle the guards, and duly struggle to coach their team to victory in a football game 'fixed' to turn out quite another way.

For added authenticity, former NFL players, Brian Bosworth, Michael Irvin and Bill Romanowski, are all set to appear in the remake, lending some grit to the football footage.

According to the film's director, Segal, the time is right to unleash a new film on cinema-goers, given that it's been over 30 years since the original.

He also feels confident that people will embrace Sandler as an action-hero, describing the film as containing 'much more action and drama than I’ve done, but still has comedy to it'.

In an interview with, he states: "When I first heard about the fact that Happy Madison had purchased the rights to remake the movie, I thought that sounded like a good one.

"Just my gut. Not having anything to do with the film, not being a part of it at that point, I thought, ‘Okay, good, I’m ready to see a remake of that.’"

He went on to reveal that Sandler has undergone a vigorous training regime to be ready for the role, working out with Sean Salsbury, a 14-year NFL veteran quarterback.

Whether or not UK audiences are ready for another American football movie remains to be seen, although the quality of the cast alone seems to suggest this may be worth touching down with when it arrives.

The film is due for release in America on May 27 and should follow in the UK later this year.

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