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Mr and Mrs Smith - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

GIVEN the tabloid speculation surrounding the pairing of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on-screen, it comes as little surprise to find that interest in Mr and Mrs Smith is mounting.

The film, directed by Doug Liman, is designed as a hip, sexy, rom-com style thriller, that finds Pitt and Jolie as a married couple who discover that they're secretly both top assassins.

To make matters, each has recently been assigned to kill the other!

Hence, the two team up in an attempt to prevent the unthinkable.

At first glance, there is nothing much to get excited about at the prospect of another Prizzi's Honour style battle-of-wits, yet the trailer has done much to suggest that this could become one of the coolest films of the summer.

Let's not forget, that Liman has proven himself to be a past master of hip thrillers, following his attention-grabbing work on The Bourne Identity, not to mention the ultra-hip Go.

And this time around, he gets to mix up his fondness for action set pieces with elements of romantic comedy, featuring two of the sexiest stars on the planet.

What's more, Liman promises a few genre-defying twists along the way, telling Empire recently that 'it's not 'he's cute, she's cute, they live happily ever after' but rather a love story that, on its own, would sustain an entire movie, mixed with an action movie that, on its own, would sustain its own... (well you get the gist).

Mr and Mrs Smith promises to do both in the space of two hours and looks set to become one of the unexpected hits of the summer - and that's in spite of rumours of re-shoots and on-set sparring between the couple.

It co-stars the likes of Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett and Keith David, as well as past Liman collaborators, Vince Vaughn and William Fichtner.

For the trivia buffs among you, the film was initially touted as being a project for Pitt and Nicole Kidman, who had to drop out of filming.

While Pitt's role was also said to be considered by the likes of Will Smith and Johnny Depp.

The film is pencilled in for a UK release on June 10.

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