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Matchstick Men - Jack Rapke Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Since you and Ridley are old friends, did it kind of follow on that you would work together on this project?
Well, everything is more complex. My dream as a producer was always to work with Sir Ridley. I mean, we're friends and we were colleagues and I was his agent, but that's no guarantee that our paths would ultimately cross in this new incliation of mine. So when I heard that he was interested and excited about the material, it was a dream come true for me and for the studio, so when we came on board, Ridley and I have this sort of shorthand with one another. It was just a really good thing for me and I felt it was equally as good for Ridley.

Q. Why are we, the audience, so fascinated by the world of the con artist?
We live in a world of illusion to begin with and what's so interesting about the con movie is that.... in cinema, particularly, the illusion is that, half the time, you're watching a movie in the dark and you don't even realise that you're in the dark! And today, with the state of special effects, half the time you're looking at images that you perceive to be real, that are not real. So in a con movie, you're basically dealing with an illusion that's only about character and stories. And that illusion sucks you in, in the same way that the visual illusion sucks you in. And I think that an audience is very, very happy to go along for the ride and be tricked, and we're doing it with good humour, and for the right reasons, and where the illusionist is behind the stage, giving you the magic. Audiences love the magic.

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