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Stealth - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

IT'S described as a mix of Top Gun and 2001: A Space Odyssey and looks, from its trailer, like being one of the most shamelessly enjoyable action films of the summer.

Stealth is the new film from the team behind xXx and The Fast and the Furious, starring Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, as well as Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Sam Shepard.

The plot centres around three hot-shot naval pilots who are suddenly given an unwanted 'fourth wing-man', in the form of an artificially intelligent, robot-navigated ship.

Initially, the trio are outraged that the ship might represent the end of their careers, but their doubts are proved right when a lightning strike scrambles the intelligence of the ship in question and rewards it with a mind of its own.

Hence, the ship turns rogue and it is up to Foxx, Biel and Lucas to put their military skills to the test to prevent it from destroying the world.

Sound ludicrous? You bet! But a glimpse at the trailer suggests that this could be a lot of fun for anyone willing to place their brain in neutral and give in to its high-octane thrills.

The film is directed by Rob Cohen who, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, felt flattered by any comparison with 2001.

Yet he maintains that Stealth's robot creation, EDI, is far more advanced than HAL and far more dangerous.

"HAL was stuck in that ship and could only manipulate that closed environment," he explains. "EDI has his own body, can move, and is fully weaponized."

The film is also notable for providing a rare leading man outing for Josh Lucas, who has thus far contributed solid support work to film such as Sweet Home Alabama, The Hulk and Undertow.

Lucas is thrilled with the opportunity, even if training for the film almost killed him.

As part of the actors' preparation, all three had to submit to the rigours of a $2 million, 100,000-ton flight simulator known as the Gimbal, which spun, flipped and smashed them with a five g force.

Explains Lucas: "I got really shook, got a pretty bad concussion over about three days, and got really hateful of that thing."

Having survived the ordeal, however, Lucas will be hoping that Stealth is the film that starts to propel him towards the Hollywood A-list.

Audiences can judge for themselves when the film opens in America on July 29 and in the UK on August 5, 2005.

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