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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - Emily Browning/Liam Aiken Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. I believe you're a fan of the 11 books so far, what is it about them that makes them so special?
I just like the fact that the way they're written is not patronising towards kids. They don't underestimate the intelligence of the kids reading them and they sort of are, yes, a little bit dangerous and kind of dark, but I think kids really like that and I think that's one of the reasons they're so popular.
Jim Carrey: That's a smart answer for a kid.

Q. Are you as bright a spark as the character you play in this movie? Do you like to read and are you as good at taking in information?
I really like to read, I read a lot, but I just don't remember everything I read.

Q. What was it like working with someone who improvises a lot of the time? Does it make it harder to act, or more frustrating?
It's kind of hard sometimes, because when you don't know what to expect, it's hard not to laugh. I mean, he would stick to the script a couple of times in a row, but the third time he would laugh, and then, you know, if you hear a joke, you can still think it's funny, but you won't crack up every time. You just do something completely different, so there are a lot of takes, and I think he enjoys making us laugh. He enjoyed us screwing up!

Q. Your Australian accent reveals you're a long way from home. But you have a very good American accent in the film. Did you surprise anyone with that?
Um, not a lot. Whenever I had finished the scene I would go back into my Australian accent; it was really maybe cos when I was little, a lot of the shows I would watch on TV were American shows and we had so much American stuff over in Australia, so I didn't have a coach or anything, it just sort of happened when I was a little kid.

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