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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Kristanna Loken

Feature by: Jack Foley

ON-SCREEN, Kristanna Loken may be a ruthless killing machine, with the occasional ability to shed her clothes, but it is clear from reading the biography of the actress that she is more than just a pretty face.

Born in Hudson, New York, Kristanna grew up on an organic fruit farm with her father, a well-known Broadway actor and writer, and her mother, a successful model.

An avid equestrian, Kristanna couples her love of horses and travel, in her annual trip to Europe.

She also trained in New York in both ballet and voice.

The 23-year-old has a ten-year acting career, taking in roles in several US TV series, including Philly, Mortal Kombat and Star Trek: Voyager.

She most recently appeared in the action film, Panic, and Gangland and Academy Boyz.

For her role in the Terminator, as the T-X killing machine, she put on 15 pounds of muscle and has confessed, in several interviews, that she received numerous cuts and bruises while performing some of the stunts and fight scenes.


Yet she remains delighted at having won the role of the T-X, even though she admits that she 'just can't prepare myself for no longer being anonymous'.

As part of her preparation for the role, she even took mime lessons, as her part required so little dialogue, that she had to learn to communicate through body gestures and facial expressions.

Yet she wasn't phased by the obligatory nude scene, at the beginning of the movie, due to the fact that it was captured on the last day of filming, on Rodeo Drive, in Beverley Hills, and that she had plenty of time to get into shape and ensure her body matched the look of the role.

Indeed, the use of her body - both clothed and naked - is something that movie critics seem to have focused on in several interviews on movie websites.

When talking about a sight gag involving the size of her breasts, for instance, Loken has revealed that in order to give them the effect of growing, the effects crew put some air bladders underneath a bra and someone with a little pump literally just pumped it up.

"It didn’t always work great, though," she confesses. "And sometimes it popped, or one would fizzle out, so we finally got it reinforced."

As for working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, she remains completely in awe of him, describing him as having 'that larger than life personality', and being 'so knowledgeable about the fight sequences and knowing what works and what doesn't'.

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