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Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle - First look

Story by: Jack Foley

THE Angels are back and looking sexier than ever! Yes, given that the weather is finally starting to behave as it should,we thought we would raise the temperature even higher, by previewing the sequel to Charlie's Angels - the imaginatively titled Charlie's Angels 2: Halo.

And, from the look of things, Cameron, Lucy, Drew and co will be looking to clean up at the Box Office again, donning skimpy red wash-suits to indulge in a spot of car-washing to bring in the boys.

The sequel is being directed, once again, by McG and is said to have reunited most of the major players from the first movie, although Bill Murray has reportedly been replaced by Bernie Mac as Bosley, after falling out with the director. Friends star Matt LeBlanc, who had a cameo in Angels 1, is due to return, as is Luke Wilson, while John Forsythe will once again play the voice of Charlie.

Newcomers include Terminator 2 and X-Files star, Robert Patrick, as an FBI agent, and Demi Moore, as a fallen former Angel turned villain. Several of the original cast members from the television series have reportedly met with producer, Drew Barrymore, with a view to making appearances in the film.

It is the casting of Moore, however, which has set most tongues wagging, as the role represents a comeback of sorts for the actress, nicknamed 'Gimme' at the peak of her Box Office pulling power, who suffered a loss of fortunes, following her high-publicity split from husband, Bruce Willis, and a string of big budget flops - most notably Striptease and GI Jane. The star dipped out of the limelight and has not made a movie since then.

The other big news about Halo concerns the return of Cameron Diaz, who is reportedly being paid $20 million to reprise her role — a deal which makes her only the second actress, after Julia Roberts, to hit the benchmark.

Distributors, Columbia Tristar, will be hoping that the sequel, which is due for release next summer, will surpass the takings of the first adventure, which surprisingly grossed $125 million domestically.

If the picture on this page are anything to go by, however, director McG appears to have got the ingredients just right to provide the formula for success. Car washing hasn't seem this sexy since Liv Tyler got all foamy in One Night At McCool's, or Denise Richards made a play for Matt Dillon in Wild Things. Can't wait for the DVD...

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