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Kill Bill: Volume One - Daryl Hannah/Julie Dreyfus Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Daryl Hannah:

Q. For you, Kill Bill began in a room in a theatre in London, didn't it?
Yeah, the Queen's Theatre. Quentin showed up in my dressing room, after the play, and I was like, 'what the hell are you doing here?'
Tarantino: That was literally what happened [laughs]. I was going to, like, play it cool. But I couldn't lie, so when she said what the hell are you doing here....
Hannah: Not 'hi, nice to see you', but 'what the hell are you doing here'. He said he had come to see me in the play, which thank God I didn't know, because I would have been terrified and not given a performance, and then he told me just a little bit about the movie and that was it until I got the script.

Julie Dreyfus

Q. Mr Tarantino is very much a hands-on director; not only did he direct you during several of the most crucial and bloody scenes, but was your make-up assistant, I believe, when you were in the boot of the car?
Oh yes, we did this scene, the last day of shooting in China, and production had decided to head to LA. Everything had been packed up, which meant the blood had been flown back to LA - there was no more American blood in China.
So we ended up doing this scene at the last minute, but the make-up artist was spraying my face, and trying to keep me looking beautiful, and Quentin would be going, like, 'more'. So she would put a couple more droplets, and he'd go 'more', and then finally he lost patience and picked up this great big bottle of Chinese blood, which is very different, and poured it on top of my head. At first, I couldn't see what I looked like, because I was in the boot of the car, but when I got out, all you could see was the white of my eyes....
Tarantino: We didn't have time, you know... I'm not asking for more bass, you know, I'm asking for more blood. She just got her arm cut off, for Christ's sake! It wasn't the American blood, or the Japanese blood, it was the Chinese blood, which means that after you've wiped it off, it stains. I mean, she had reg pigmentation forever!

Q. What did you take away from the experience of working in China and how important is it to you that it is welcomed over there?
For me, it was an amazing experience. It was very exotic, for everybody, but the fact that you got on this big travelling circus and can be right there. We had this amazing set and everybody knows that Quentin doesn't use CGI or anything, so everything has to be built, which meant we had this massive set, with a real authentic Chinese crew, and authentic Chinese food. It was just an amazing experience and it took me right into the heart of the exotic Asian genre that Quentin wanted to put on screen.

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