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A Stolen Life - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

A FILM banned in its native China was named best film at the recent Tribeca Film Festival in New York, prompting new hope that it may get a release in its home country.

Stolen Life centres around the life of teenager, Yan'ni, whose prospects look bleak.

Despite a lack of support from her peasant family, the teenager is accepted to a nearby university and sets about making a future for herself.

On her first day at university, she meets the very attractive Muyu, who immediately begins to court her.


It seems, therefore, that everything is working out perfectly - Yan'ni has a good education and the man of her dreams.

Little does she know, however, that Muyu is staging an intricate and lengthy deception, one that he has pulled before, and the film takes a dark turn which, according to the Tribeca website, director, Li Shaohong, handles with aplomb.

The remainder of the film finds Yan'ni struggling to survive after being forced to leave college because of her relationship, and being forced to take menial jobs to make a living.

When she realises that Muyu has engaged in a new deception with another woman, however, she tries to intervene, plotting revenge against her ex-lover while deciding whether revenge is the best course of action.

Accepting the award from Tribeca Festival founder, Robert De Niro, director, Li Shaohong, speaking through an interpreter, commented: "This is truly important for us in the sense that the film is still banned."

She added that she hoped the award would help to enable her movie to get 'green-lighted so that my people in China can watch this film soon'.

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