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The Matador - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

NOW that he has officially turned his back on James Bond, Pierce Brosnan will be looking to ensure a long-term future as an actor in his own right - and the prospects look good.

Having already made a mark in films such as The Thomas Crown Affair and After The Sunset, Brosnan is currently attracting widespread critical acclaim for his latest project, The Matador.

The jovial Irish star plays Julian, a hitman or 'facilitator of fatalities', who accidentally meets up with Greg Kinnear's travelling salesman, Danny Wight, at a Mexico City bar.

The two spend the subsequent evening together and find that their lives become intertwined unexpectedly to form a lasting bond.

Both Julian and Danny are facing life-changing moments and even though they have nothing in common, they find themselves drawn together.

The film played at the recent Sundance Film Festival where Sundance critic, Geoffrey Gilmore, wrote that 'if Pierce Brosnan wearing a black Speedo, cowboy boots, and sunglasses and smoking a cigar wasn't in itself worth the price of admission, everything else one gets in this rapturously conceived comedy about a lonely hit man would certainly be enough'.


He concludes: "With an outrageously unique performance by Brosnan, and great turns by Kinnear and Hope Davis, The Matador is a film that will stay fixed in your memory long after the curtain has closed."

The film is directed by lifelong New Yorker, Richard Shepard, and co-stars the likes of Hope Davis, Phillip Baker Hall, Adam Scott and Dylan Baker. It has been produced by Brosnan with his Irish DreamTime partner and long-term friend, Beau St. Clair.

And it performed so well at Sundance that Miramax Films has acquired the English speaking distribution rights as well as a few additional territories in the European and Southeast Asian markets.

Speaking at Sundance, Brosnan told journalists that he and St Clair were enjoying 'the most creative time we've ever had'.

While St Clair claimed that The Matador formed one of 'two tiers' to Brosnan's work - the dashing, action adventure characters as opposed to those in which he adopts other personas, such as The Matador and Evelyn.

Miramax is equally delighted to have secured the rights to The Matador, with executive vice president of acquisitions and co-production, Agnes Mentre, stating: "We're particularly excited about distributing Richard Shepard's The Matador - an incredibly original movie from an innovative filmmaker.

"We're pleased to be in business with the producers who have brought hit projects like The Thomas Crown Affair and The Cooler to film fans over the years."

Needless to say, Shepard is equally chuffed, stating in interview: "This is a dream come true for a filmmaker. I am continuing to pinch myself that this acquisition has happened so quickly."

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