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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - US reaction

Compiled by: Jack Foley

THE merits of remaking Tobe Hooper’s horror classic is one which has clearly continued to divide opinion in America, even now that the film has been released.

Reaction seemed to be clearly divided between love and hate, with the majority of the better notices appearing in horror specialist publications, while the really scathing notices being reserved for the bigger names.

That said, the Hollywood Reporter wrote that ‘this particular reconceptualization actually does an impressive job of capturing the nasty dread of the original’, while the Chicago Tribune referred to it as ‘an effectively scary slasher film’.

But Entertainment Weekly dismissed it as ‘a remake that turns every kill into an opportunity for overkill’, while the New York Times wrote that ‘rather than exhilaration, this bilious film offers only entrapment and despair. It's about as much fun as sitting in on an autopsy’.

The Houston Chronicle went one worse, stating that ‘it's just as guilty as Blair Witch 2 for smothering bare-bones fright with ladles of gore’., meanwhile, opined that ‘while the remake is a faithful up to a point and does utilize some of the tried and true from the original, there is still plenty of fun for those us of us who've practically memorized every stitch in Leatherface's mask’.


And Reelviews stated that ‘there's nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking here, but the film delivers with enough consistency to warrant a qualified recommendation for those seeking a few extra scares at this time of the year’.

USA Today referred to it as ‘junky and disposable but fast most of the time’, while Citysearch concluded that ‘there are so many jump-out- of-your-seat surprises that it's bound to be embarrassing for a number of moviegoers’.

Continuing the mixed reaction, is the Los Angeles Times, which found that ‘the remake moves faster and sounds louder, but comes off as callous rather than creepy’, while Arizona Republic concluded that ‘this bloody, exploitative mess is the cinematic equivalent of a dumpster fire - stinky but insignificant’.

Juicy Cerebellum, meanwhile, urged ‘go you skeptics and be shocked all over again. This remake does not take a thing away from the original. It's a movie worthy of the name, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

The Christian Science Monitor was a little more restrained, however, stating that it is ‘a lot more violent and a tad less creepy than the 1974 original, the much-changed remake delivers enough gory, belligerent mayhem to keep horror fans screaming’.

We’re going to give the final word, however, to, which found the remake to be ‘a bold, boisterous, bloody good time - and any old-school Horror Freak able to get over the "How dare they?!?" attitude should absolutely find a lot to enjoy here’.

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