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2 Fast 2 Furious - Neal Moritz Q&A (Producer)

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. At what point during the making of The Fast & The Furious did you realise you had struck commercial gold, and had a franchise beckoning?
A. The opening Friday. It wasn't until then, actually. We knew when we had some early test screenings that audiences loved it, and we knew when we had some early preview screenings that audiences loved it, but didn't actually know that people were going to show up and pay dollars to go and see the movie. I kept leaving messages on Paul's machine, first night... what did they involve [turns to Paul Walker]
[Walker shouts] It's a cultural phenomenon!

Q. What are you driving at the moment?
A. I actually only do these movies so I can take the cars from the movies. If you've seen 2 Fast 2 Furious, I have the blue Camaro from that movie, a Ferrari from another movie. I love cars.

Q. At what point, when the sequel was being planned, did it become clear that Vin [Diesel] wasn't going to be part of it, and did that cause any major disruptions to the initial plan?
We knew very early on that Vin wasn't going to do the movie and myself and Scott Shivers, the head of production at Universal, met with Tyrese, because he was the only person we actually ever thought of for the role, and there was no auditioning or anything.. he was the guy. We wrote it tailored for Tyrese.

Q. Will this be the team for the third film, if there is one?
I'd love for everyone to be back, if they wanted to be back. Obviously, the person that's taken us through the first two of the series has been Paul, and we were talking about it yesterday and decided that if the audience wants to see it, we'd love to make it.
But I think this is one of those situations where we had so much fun making the movie, it would have been a shame if the movie hadn't come out as well as it did.
My wife actually said to me yesterday, ' do you really want to make another one of these?', and I said it's been the most fun I've ever had making a movie and if I could have that same experience again, I would go and do it in one second.
Tyrese: I think when you're doing something this big - I've never done anything as big in my life - when you're having this much fun, you don't really pay attention to how big it is, and how crazy it is, and how much people are anticipating it, or the pressures of trying to have something equally as successful as the first one... I mean, not once did I think about it, especially since Paul was a part of the first one and we were doing the sequel together; the fact that me and him got along as well as we did - and we didn't do it just for the sake of our publicists - was a bonus. I was in his room, he was in my room, we were having barbecues, I was trying to dump black girls on him, or whatever... That's what it was about, we just had the time of our life, and when you're having this much fun, you don't really pay attention to those kinds of pressures.
Neal: There was a lot of pressure every day, cos you know Paul and myself, especially, because we were back from the first one. And there was a lot of pressure because amongst the audience for this movie, this was their favourite movie they had ever seen. There was a poll done last year, while we were making the movie, and they asked them which their favourite was, and this was their number one, ahead of Spider-Man, Matrix and Star Wars. So we know how much the audience really loved that first one and there was a lot of pressure to go out and make a movie that the audience could go out and love as much as the first one.
And what was so nice is that in our first test screenings - we had one in Sacramento and one in Los Angeles - and in both those screenings, over 90% of the audience said that they liked the second one more than the first. And that was a challenge for us to overcome.

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