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2 Fast 2 Furious - Tyrese Gibson Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. How did you feel about moving into this team that had been partially created already? How quickly did you feel at ease?
A. Actually, I was a part of the first one. I did a little extra work, peaking my head around the set, hoping that one day I might get that call to be a part of the second one. But being a part of the sequel was a no-brainer for me; I was just, like, 'let's do it'. When I got the call I was just honoured that they even had me in mind, because I only did one other movie, so I was, like, why are you calling old little old bitty me? But now that they called me, I'm gonna show up, and work every day as hard as I can to make em proud, because they had given me an opportunity. I guess that was my focus.

Paul was also my biggest focus on the set. He already had a relationship with everyone else he did the movie with, and he wasn't willing to turn his back on the fans that made the first one as successful as it was. So, in a sense, Paul was on an island of his own and, for me, I wanted to create a comfort zone for him, so that we could all do our thing and make it seem natural. And it worked out.

Q. What are you driving at the moment?
Well, since this is my first big movie, I drive a VW Beetle, but I'm going to change it, and really soon. I got some 8s on the car.

Q. Did you do your own stunts on the movie and, if so, is there anything you wanted to do that John wouldn't let you?
A. Yeah, we pissed a lot of stunt drivers off, cos John Singleton pretty much had in mind for us to do as much driving as possible. But I wasn't willing to lose a leg for Universal.
But we stretched it to its maximum potential before the other guys came in. I think the biggest challenge was to find somebody with a head the size of mine [laughs]. So they had a pretty strenuous stunt driver audition.

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