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Sylvia brings 47th London Film Festival to a close

Story by: Jack Foley

GWYNETH Paltrow made sure that the 47th London Film Festival ended in glamourous style on Thursday, November 6, when she flew into town to attend the première of her filmm Sylvia.

The screening of the film, about the tragic life of poet, Sylvia Plath, closed the London Film Festival.

Paltrow's boyfriend, Coldplay's Chris Martin, was also present, and rather predictably told reporters the film was 'the best I've ever seen'.

The biopic, directed by Christine Jeffs, has already caused controversy ahead of its release in January, having received less than favourable reviews from America.

The daughter of Plath and Ted Hughes, Frieda Hughes, has also accused it of attempting to cash in on her mother's suicide,and the tempestuous relationship between her parents.

But Paltrow has consistently been a staunch defender of the work, and said she felt a great responsibility in playing a non-fictional character - whom she went on to describe as 'so brilliant and so complicated'.

"What I really love about the film is that the director approached it from an emotional truth, rather than an empirical truth," she commented.

The film depicts Plath's history of depression and suicide attempts, and follows her stormy relationship with Hughes, right up until her suicide, in 1963.

The closing night gala attracted a number of celebrity guests, including Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell, and BBC director general, Greg Dyke.

Chris Martin appeared despite the fact his band was competing for prizes at the MTV Awards, in Edinburgh, at the same time.

For the record, Coldplay won best group at the awards.

The London Film Festival opened two weeks ago, with Jane Campion's erotic thriller, In The Cut, starring Meg Ryan.

It has since shown films from more than 45 countries and attracted record audiences.

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