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London Film Festival closes - the facts & figures

Sylvia closes festival/Gwyneth Paltrow adds glamour

Blind Flight premieres at festival

Meg Ryan dazzles in black at gala festival opening

In The Cut to open film festival

Women feature prominently... (Preview)


Girl With a Pearl Earring - Colin Firth discusses taking on the mystery of Vermeer, his worst lines and what it was like to work with Scarlett Johansson.

In The Cut - a feature on the London press conference

Seabiscuit - Gary Ross hails the return of the old-fashioned movie-making approach, while Tobey Maguire laments the coverage of the Spider-Man sequel

Lost in Translation - Scarlett Johansson discusses why she leapt at the chance of appearing with Bill Murray, in Tokyo.

Thirteen - Holly Hunter and Catherine Hardwicke discuss the traumas of bringing this controversial teen drama to the screen, and why they feel every under-18 should be allowed to see it.


In The Cut (18) - Meg Ryan stars in a provocative, sexually explicit thriller from director, Jane Campion, which has been selected to open the festival, on Wednesday, October 22. (Screening: Oct 22/Oct 23)
Meg Ryan Q&A
Jane Campion Q&A
Mark Ruffalo Q&A
US reaction
Ryan opens festival...

Lost in Translation review - Bill Murray has been tipped for Oscar success for his performance in Sofia Coppola's follow-up to The Virgin Suicides. (Screening: Oct 28/Oct 29)
Graeme Kay verdict
Scarlett Johansson Q&A
Sofia Coppola Q&A
Ross Katz Q&A
Preview and US reaction
Venice reaction

21 Grams - Amores Perros director, Alejandro Inarritu, follows-up his acclaimed debut with this blistering thriller, starring Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Naomi Watts. (Screening: Oct 31/Nov 1)
US reaction

A Mighty Wind - The team behind This Is Spinal Tap and Best in Show return with their most heartfelt effort yet. Click on the link for screening details and an overview of the US critical reaction... (Screening: Nov 1/Nov 3)
Graeme Kay verdict
Eugene Levy Q&A
Catherine O'Hara Q&A
Christopher Guest Q&A

Battle Royale 2: Requiem - The hotly-anticipated, post 9/11 follow-up to the acclaimed, Battle Royale, refuses to play it safe. Find out why... (Screening: Nov 1)

Casa de Los Babys - Indie filmmaking king, John Sayles, returns with a tough but touching film about a group of American women staying in an adoption centre. (Screening: Oct 23/Oct 24)

Dogville - Nicole Kidman has already garnered much acclaim for her performance in Lars Von Trier's ambitious epic. Find out why... (Screening: Oct 26)

Girl With a Pearl Earring - Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson deliver a fascinating and historically rich what if scenario to one of Vermeer's greatest paintings.
Colin Firth Q&A
Scarlett Johansson Q&A
Peter Webber Q&A

The Human Stain - Sir Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman star in the hotly-anticipated movie interpretation of Philip Roth's pageturner. This one's tipped as a possible Oscar contender next year. (Screening: Oct 24/Oct 25)
US reaction

It's All About Love - One of the more interesting films to emerge from the London Film Festival is sure to be It’s All About Love, Thomas Vinterberg’s keenly-anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed Festen, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes and Sean Penn. (Screening: Nov 4/Nov 5)

Last Life in the Universe - The strangeness of peoples’ emotional bonds forms the basis for Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s surreal movie, The Last Life in the Universe, a slow, but absorbing tale, which just about stays the right side of entertaining. (Screening: Oct 24)

My Life Without Me - The weepie of the festival? Sarah Polley stars as a young mother who finds she has only months to live. This heartfelt, yet uplifting, movie marks the English-language debut feature of director, Isabel Coixet. (Screening: Oct 26/Oct 27)
Sarah Polley Q&A
Isabel Coixet Q&A

Northfork - The Polish brothers (Michael and Mark) return with another magical realist fairytale, starring James Woods and Nick Nolte, among others. Find out how it fared in America (Screening: Oct 30/Nov 1)

Seabiscuit - Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges and Chris Cooper head a thoroughbred cast in the true story of a Depression-era racehorse which captured the hearts of a nation. (Screening: Oct 24)
Tobey Maguire Q&A
Gary Ross Q&A
Preview & US reaction

The Shape of Things - Neil LaBute's West End hit gets a cinema makeover but retains its theatrical cast. It's another barbed look at the battle of the sexes, so find out how it fared in America. (Screening: Nov 1/Nov 4)
Neil Labute Q&A
Preview & US reaction

The Station Agent - Heartfelt tale about a man born with dwarfism (played by Peter Dinklage), who retreats from society, and becomes a loner. When he finds himself stranded at an abandoned train depot, in New Jersey, he is finally forced to come to terms with his shy nature, and, in so doing, meets up with two other like-minded loners.

Sylvia - It has been selected as the closing film of this year’s London Film Festival and arrives amid some lukewarm US reviews and a fair amount of controversy. (Screening: Nov 6)

Thirteen - We're in teen angst territory again... but few films have done it as controversially as this. Holly Hunter stars. She will also be appearing at the festival for a special Q&A... (Screening: Oct 31)
Holly Hunter Q&A
Catherine Hardwicke Q&A
Preview & US reaction

Zatoichi - Takeshi Kitano directs and stars in a legendary Samurai flick, which has already gone down a storm at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, earlier this year. (Screening: Nov 5)


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