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In The Cut - Mark Ruffalo Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. You are quoted as saying, in the production notes, that the idea of playing this character at first 'scared the hell out of you'?
It did, it scared the hell out of me. I didn't really have any sort of common ground with Malloy in my life; I didn't know how to access that character, really. I mean, I didn't feel it was close to me, or easily available to me, so it proved to be really daunting. So, yes it did scare me.

Q. What I imagine interested you in the character, therefore, is that, on the one hand, he comes across as being course and vulgar, yet on the other hand, he's actually a very tender human being...
That's kind of what was most interesting about him; on the outside, partly just to survive in the job that he does, he has to maintain a certain kind of armour, but inside of him is a whole other person, who has longings, that are outside the realm of his class, or social boundaries.
When I finally did ask Jane why she would cast me in this part, she said because she was interested in my interior work, what I would bring counter to what we would see on the page. That was something we were always working on.

Q. Did the moustache come with the character, or was it your decision to grow it? And are you missing it now?
I don't know if you noticed, but I was hiding behind that moustache. We had a big discussion about the moustache. I liked it; it was a cop thing, it really is. One of the producers felt that I didn't look leading man enough, so we were fighting about that. They were going to make me shave my moustache.
But I liked having it.
Adds Jane: For me, having done some research, and seeing just how many detectives had the moustaches, it felt right.

Q. Is there any difference in your perception of your career now, as opposed to a few years back?
I guess the operative word is 'my'. It started to feel a little out of control at one point, before I got ill, and I didn't feel like I was actually in control of it anymore. Now, I feel like the choices I've made are my choices; things that I wanted to do. And I'm enjoying it a lot more than I ever have.

Q. What I thought was a really lovely moment in the film is when Jennifer Jason Leigh's character asks Meg's character if she was happy when she woke up? Are you happy when you wake up?
Yes, I am, because my son comes to bed about 6.30am, and climbs into bed with me. So yeah, I'm generally happy when I wake up.

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