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The Hulk - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

IT'S been a fair few years since television audiences gasped at the prospect of seeing a certain Dr Banner getting angry and turning green as the Hulk, but the Seventies TV series remains an endearing favourite whenever it is repeated.

Now, however, audiences are bracing themselves to see the Hulk bigger and greener than ever before, as Ang Lee's The Hulk prepares to do battle with the likes of Arnie's Terminator 3 and Keanu Reeves' Matrix sequels at the summer Box Office.

Starring Eric Bana (of Black Hawk Down/Chopper fame), The Hulk has been generating quite a bit of buzz ever since its teaser trailer appeared last year (featuring only fleeting glimpses of the green one, standing over a bathroom sink).

But the hype machine went into overdrive last week, when audiences caught their first glimpse of the CGI creation during the Super Bowl - traditionally a great time to slot in some quality advertising.

The plot, it seems, follows the adventures of Marvel Comics character, Bruce Banner (Bana), who, after getting caught in a catastrophic experiment, finds that his anger transforms him into a walking, green-skinned beast, otherwise known as The Incredible Hulk.

Chased across the country by the military at the command of General 'Thunderbolt' Ross (Sam Elliott), the Hulk encounters a man named Crusher Creel (alter ego The Absorbing Man), who can take on the properties of things he touches.

Ang Lee's version, set in Berkeley, California, also includes a love story between Banner and Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly), a fellow scientist, and his relationship with his scientist father, Dr David Banner (played by Nick Nolte).

Given that this is an Ang Lee film, however, audiences have every reason to anticipate a blockbuster capable of challening the intellect, as well as exciting visually - this is the guy who, after all, has taken on nearly every kind of genre and succeeded (see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ride With The Devil, The Ice Storm and Sense and Sensibility).

For now, though, talk remains firmly of the Hulk himself, given that audiences have only just been afforded their first glimpse of the latest CGI creation. Will it be one to rival The Lord of the Rings' Gollum, or one to forget, such as Jar-Jar Binks?

At 15 feet tall and a thousand pounds or so, it is little wonder that there is so much riding on it and the reaction so far has been mixed, according to film watchdog, Entertainment Weekly.

In an article it printed following the airing of the advert, EW online has quoted former Hulk TV star, Lou Ferrigno as saying that he's 'like a futuristic King Kong', adding that he thought it looked great and 'close to the comic book character'. But then the former bodybuilder is unlikely to be too critical, given that he has been given a cameo in the film as a security guard.

A writer for one of the Inernet's most famous websites, Aint-it-cool-news, for instance, felt that he looked like 'Shrek with a toupee and purple pants', while another fan on the same site compared the Hulk's look to that of last summer's dissapointing CGI-headliner, Scooby Doo.

The site's editor, Harry Knowles, however, offered a little more positivity, stating that 'he looks exactly correct', adding that 'it's definitely miles nicer than Lou Ferrigno in green paint'.

The film is released in the UK on July 18, but keeping checking back with this page for more updates as we get them.

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