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Catwoman - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

HOLLYWOOD’S appetite for comic book adaptations shows no sign of letting up, if the schedule for some of this year’s bigger movies is anything to go by.

With a new Batman in production, as well as Spider-Man 2 on the way (not to mention the success of the likes of X-Men and Hellboy), the time is rife to cash in on the super-heroes, it seems.

Catwoman is Warner Bros’ entry into the overcrowded market this year, and finds Halle Berry as the eponymous hero.

But while the feline heroine has already been portrayed to memorable effect by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, it remains to be seen whether Berry can justify her own franchise.

She tales on the role of timid graphic artist, Patience Philips, who is murdered by the stooges of Avenal Beauty, the cosmetics company she works for, when she discovers the company's dark secret.

An Egyptian mau cat, whose life she saved, brings her back to life, after which she assumes the identity of the titular superhero, and begins to seek revenge upon the evil bosses who plotted her demise, including Sharon Stone and Lambert Wilson (of Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions fame).

But while Warner Bros is anticipating the film to be one of the biggest releases of the year, and has pitched it in the middle of the summer season, word from the set has not been favourable.

One report claimed that Sharon Stone reportedly wreaked havoc on set, allegedly requesting more attractive costumes, and walking out of a shot to make a phone call, as well as demanding last-minute script changes.

And Berry, herself, has had to fend off criticisms of the look of the film, from fans of the comic book series, as well as injuring herself, once again.

The 37-year-old Oscar winner had to be taken to a hospital in Vancouver after a mishap on the set of the film, when the star reportedly collided with a piece of equipment while filming a running scene.

According to production spokesman, Joe Everett: "She had to manoeuvre past a piece of equipment, a set piece and she didn't quite run past it, but she's just fine. She was taken to hospital on Saturday night, treated and released, and was at work again Monday morning."

The actress is fast earning herself a reputation for being accident-prone, having hurt her eye while filming the James Bond action adventure, Die Another Day, and breaking her arm on the set of Gothika, in an accident involving co-star Robert Downey Jr.

However, speaking at a recent London press conference for the film Gothika, Berry dismissed such suggestions, and also defended the film.

"I think the media has built it up to be something they can have a little fun with," she observed, feistily.

"I give 100 per cent and I love physical roles. But when you give 100 per cent for physical roles, you're bound to get some bangs, that's sort of par for the course."

And concerning the look of the film, Catwoman, she continued: "I think it's very modern, it's edgy, it's very much reflective of the 21st Century, who women are today. I think we are constantly evolving.

"As far as the negativity, there is always negativity; you can't please everybody, and I think I have learned to accept that and get on with it.

"But I also remember that there was a lot of negativity around X-Men on the Internet, with the comic book afficionados. Nothing we did on that movie made them happy, initially. At the time, all that was said about it was bad. Yet when we came to release it, they loved it.

"So I think we're all taking it with a little pinch of salt. We tried to stay true to what our story was and try and make it different from the ones in the past. If we were to make it the same, there would be no point in making a new one."

Catwoman also stars Benjamin Bratt and is directed by Pitof. It will open in the UK on August 6.

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