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Catwoman - Benjamin Bratt Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. How fun was the basketball scene, and were there any injuries?
No injuries to report, no. That scene, really, is just symbolic of foreplay. It just leads up to the romance which ultimately brings them together. But that sequence, like a fight sequence, has to be choreographed like a dance, and that requires rehearsal, and that kind of rehearsal with Halle Berry is always going to be joyful. So it was fun, yeah.
Halle: And I guess you didn’t know how good I was at basketball!

Q. Have you played basketball before?
Yes, a little bit, but I certainly honed my skills in preparation for this. You know, Ben and I both had to really work at our basketball.

Q. Given that you share the screen with two lovely ladies, you were very much the sex object in this movie…
I was in fact the damsel in distress….

Q. And the sort of goodie-goodie figure. In terms of the script, was it fun to do that for a change?
It was limiting, but I also knew full well going into it what my responsibility as an actor was going to be. I’m a supporting player. And in the company of these amazing actresses, whose characters were, in some cases, wildly over the top, and it required that, I knew the difficulty for me would be to be the representation of normalty. He’s a working class guy, he’s a straight-forward guy, and there’s a kind of a pride in doing that too, cos I’m sort of the ballast, the reality-ballast, for what really is a comic book.

Q. If you were a woman, would you veer towards Sharon’s character, or Halle Berry’s character?
Definitely towards Halle Berry’s character. If I could look like that in leather pants, I would wear them every day.

Q. How do men feel in Hollywood, in terms of having to make themselves look beautiful to get the better parts?
Are you asking if we are metro-sexual? Clearly there is a double standard in Hollywood, and it’s in men’s favour. So, while you can acknowledge the problem to the sisters that surround you, and try to be supportive for their plight, it’s in our favour, so ultimately, professionally speaking that works to our advantage.

Q. What was your favourite comic book character as a kid? And which comic book character would you still like to play, perhaps?
My brother and I collected Spider-Man. And the comic book character I would love to play has already been done - DareDevil.

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