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Save The Green Planet (18)

Review by: Graeme Kay | Rating: Two

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio commentary. Cast and crew interviews. Behind the scenes documentary. Deleted scenes. DVD notes by Jamie Russell. Region 0.

IMAGINE a movie that took the dark humour of a Tarantino movie, the brooding horror of The Ring, the acrobatics of a Kung Fu flick, the regular plot twists of a Raymond Chandler novel and mixed them all up with the paranoid spirit of a 50s sci-fi flick, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and you'll have an inkling about the content of Save The Green Planet, the second film by the Korean director Jang Jun-Hwan.

In short, it's totally mental. But brilliant with it!

The story revolves around Korean radical, Byung -Gu, a mannequin maker, who also has an interest in extra-terrestrial activities.

Byung and his tightrope-walker sidekick, Sooni, decide to kidnap the most powerful businessman in Korea, Kang Man-Shik.

The reason being that, according to Byung-Gu, Man-Shik is really an alien emperor from the planet Andromeda, who is intent on conquering the Earth and making human beings his slaves.

Byung-Gu knows this because he has spent years researching the subject.

All he has to do now is torture a confession out of Man-Shik and get him to call off the invading force of Andromedans that is speeding towards the Earth.

But Man-Shik proves to be a stronger adversary than Byung-Gu had imagined, and it's not long before the latter's carefully laid plans start to go horribly awry.

And, to make matters worse, Byung-Gu, by this time, has the Korean equivalent of Dirty Harry on his trail.

The big question is: is Byung-Gu really the only man who can save the green planet, or is he simply a sadistic, anti-capitalist nutter?

There's only way to find out is to get on board the rollercoaster!

The great thing about this movie is that Jun-Hwan is constantly toying with the audience.

Just when you think Byung-Gu really is the hero, he does something that makes you think he's bonkers.

And just when you're starting to hate Man-Shik, he becomes the hero. Then it all changes round again! And that's just the main plot.

Similarly crazy things are also going on in the sub-plot.

The action is manic, the sets are fantastic, and the dialogue is a cracking blend of menace and black humour, and you'll have lots of fun spotting the director's references to other great sci-fi films.

Truly a work of crazed genius. See it, or the planet gets it! Hahahahahahaaahaha!!!!

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