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The Brothers Grimm - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

MATT Damon and Heath Ledger star as The Brothers Grimm in Terry Gilliam's eagerly-anticipated fantasy epic that's due to hit UK cinema screens at Christmas.

The film follows the fortunes of the brothers Grimm, to conmen who have made a living for themselves by travelling from village to village and claiming to get rid of unwanted enchanted creatures.

Their con is finally exposed, however, when they are forced by Napoleon to investigate a forest where young women are disappearing.

The ensuing adventure brings them into contact with real magic for the first time.

The film co-stars Jonathan Pryce, Lena Headey, Peter Stormare and Monica Bellucci and went down a storm at Cannes, when 20 minutes was shown to journalists.

A new trailer also suggests that Gilliam has successfully recaptured the spirit of past hits, such as The Fisher King, while the chemistry between Damon and Ledger looks just right.

Speaking after the Cannes showing, Gilliam told Empire Online that he had fun filming the movie, particularly as his lead actors developed such an instantly strong camaraderie.

It helped the director to have fun, himself, toying with audiences' expectations.

"I basically cast them against type," he revaled. "Heath could be the cool, romantic lead, and Matt the introspective one, but I had it as the opposite.

"Matt plays the womanizer and hustler, and Heath plays the sensitive, romantic, neurotic character. It was really nice to watch them being completely different than they normally are."

The film is due to open in US cinemas on August 26 but isn't scheduled for a UK release until December (at the moment).

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