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The Interpreter - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

NICOLE Kidman gets to sport another new accent in The Interpreter, a tense new political thriller from acclaimed director, Sydney Pollack.

She stars as African-born UN interpreter, Silvia Broome, who overhears a death threat against an African head of state who is scheduled to address the United Nation's General Assembly.

Determined to thwart the plot, Broome bids to identify the killers only to find herself becoming a target - and thereby having to rely on the abilities of Sean Penn's federal agent, Tobin Keller, to protect her.

Needless to say, it's a case of opposites attracting, as Silvia's sensitive interpreter would prefer to let words do the talking, while Tobin seeks to find his own answers using other methods.

And from the trailer, it looks as though viewers are in for a taut little political thriller, bolstered by some good performances from its top cast.

Pollack is no stranger to the genre either, having helmed such genre-defining thrillers as The Firm, Absence of Malice and Three Days of the Condor, even though his last effort, Random Hearts, emerged as a disappointinly sombre character-piece starring Harrison Ford.

Kidman, too, has trod in the murky waters of the political thriller before, appearing alongside George Clooney in The Peacemaker - although, again, the results did not meet with widespread critical approval.

With Penn on board, though, The Interpreter has a better-than-average chance of emerging as a triumph and fans should keep their eyes peeled when the movie is released in the US on April 22, and in the UK on April 15.

Readers can catch a glimpse of the trailer by following the links on this page.

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