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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason: Beeban Kidron Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. For you, Beeban, was it especially comforting to come onto such a high-profile project knowing that your three principal actors were coming back, and knowing that they had such a strong investment in the quality of the project?
Oh completely. I think the thing is if the three principal actors hadn't been there, there would have been no Edge of Reason - that's the first point to make. There was a new book, so it wasn't just three characters looking for a story, you know. And I think that the acknowledged nervousness of all involved was a completely healthy thing. You know, why wouldn't we be nervous. It wasn't so much the huge success at the box office. This was a phenomenally loved character, you know Bridget Jones, and I think Renee in particular felt that she had to hold in her hands the hearts of all those people who fell in love with her in that role the first time around.

Q. Did you get permission from Mrs Ritchie [Madonna] to use her song in that one scene? Has she seen the film and have you had any feedback yet?
She hasn't seen the film yet. I sent her a note today, actually, and said that I hoped she would come to the premiere here in London. But I think that she's very involved in where her music is used, and obviously we had permission to use it. I think she is someone with a great sense of humour about her own self and would love to see her work used in this way. We'll see. I'm sure she won't be silent if she doesn't like it!

Q. Were you quite involved in the writing process then?
To some degree it's always a co-operative effort, to some degree because you want it to feel natural coming out of your mouth; you want it to feel like this is familiar to Bridget Jones. I recognise that this would be right and, always, as you go along, it always evolves. You know, when you get on the set, and Hugh would say, 'well, what about this?' That's part of what's exciting about the challenge, really. The writing came down to... you leave that to the professionals, but it does evolve.
Kidron: Actually, in the process of making the film, I had a lot of discussion with Renee about thematic things, down to the words and the situations Bridget found herself in. She may not have put pen to paper but she was a huge instrument for the creative journey of the movie.

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