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The sexiest movie moments (with no sex in them)

Feature by: Jack Foley

IT SEEMS that not a week can go by without some magazine or PR company churning out another of those 'best of...' lists.

The latest, however, is well worth considering, given the magical movie moments it brings to mind as part of its Top 50 moments.

The poll belongs to Empire magazine and it concerns the Top 50 sexiest movie moments (with no actual sex in them).

The kind of scenes we're talking about include Salma Hayek's snake charmer routine, in From Dusk Till Dawn (which came in at 50), Leonardo DiCaprio's 52-card pick up in Catch Me If You Can (alongside Jennifer Garner, at no. 49) and John Travolta's Twister routine, in Pulp Fiction (no. 18).

There are some weird choices among them, of course, with Gladiator making a bloody nod at 43, with the 'Are you not entertained?' moment, and Clarice and Hannibal's 'first date', from Silence of the Lambs, sitting, rather sickly, at no. 24.

But the top ten is ripe with genuinely sexy 'non-sex' moments - those classic scenes where the thrill of the chase is far better than the conquest itself.

Moments such as Vivian and Marlowe talking about horses in The Big Sleep, or the swords and sorcery routine of The Mask of Zorro.

The winner, however, was Out of Sight, which took in many a sassy no-sex moment between George Clooney's bank robber, and Jennifer Lopez's street-smart US Marshall.

I mean, who can forget that seduction sequence, as the two talk about a 'time out' prior to getting together?

But the scene which sealed the number one spot, as chosen by movie buffs, was the one in which they find themselves locked together in the boot of a getaway car.

The pair do not even kiss, but their chemistry is apparent from the word go, setting up the rest of the movie as only director, Steven Soderbergh, knows how.

Empire itself stated that the scene is all about: "Flirting for grown-ups by two of the most attractive people alive, with a bit of hostage fantasy and sly bondage thrown in - what's not to like?"

The full top 10 is as follows. Click on the Empire link to find out the top 50...

Empire's Top Ten:

1 Out Of Sight - J-Lo and George Clooney get personal in the boot of a getaway car
2 The Mask Of Zorro - Catherine Zeta Jones swordfights with Antonio Banderas
3 Batman Returns - Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman wrestles with Michael Keaton's hero
4 The Big Sleep - Steamy conversation between Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall
5 American Beauty - Mena Suvari does her cheerleader routine just for Kevin Spacey
6 American Gigolo - Richard Gere gets dressed for a night on the town
7 Viva Las Vegas - Ann-Margret partners Elvis on the dancefloor
8 Witness - Harrison Ford shares a longing look with Amish widow Kelly McGillis
9 Grease - Olivia Newton-John's raunchy image change
10 One Night At McCool's - Liv Tyler gets soapy while washing the car


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