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One Last Chance (15)

Review by: Graeme Kay | Rating: One

AMIABLE, if rather predictable, British comedy, set in the backend of the Scottish Highlands.

Tullybridge is the kind of small rural town where nothing happening is a big event.

Its inhabitants are mostly unemployed, and those who do work barely make ends meet from what little they earn from the tourist industry.

Fitz (Jamie Sives), Nellie (Iain Robertson) and Seany (Kevin McKidd) spend their days and their dole in the pub - Fitz and Nellie in front of the bar, Seany behind it.

While Seany and Nellie seem resigned to their uneventful existence, Fitz dreams of escaping to Glasgow with his girlfriend Barbara (Neve McIntosh).

He has even managed to save up £500 to fund their migration.

Unfortunately, there is a problem: before Fitz can leave the town behind, he must find shelter for his incapable father in a residential home.


This, he is informed will mean waiting a further 18 months, unless he can grease the home-owner's palm to the tune of £1,000.

All looks up for Fitz until he and Nellie - doing a spot of unofficial undertaking - find a gold nugget in the dead hand of one of their clients.

It is quite a sizeable nugget too, and it seems that Fitz has found the means to fund his father's admittance to the home.

However, it's not long before the town's undesirable elements hear abut Fitz's find - and they want in.

So will Fitz find someway to capitalise on his find without having to give a sizeable cut to the local villains?

There's nothing particularly wrong with this film, all involved give proficient, if not exactly dazzling performances, and there some genuine funny moments of Scottish wit and farcical lunacy.

The problem is that it's no more remarkable than an episode of Monarch of the Glen.

The question is, would you pay cinema entrance money to see an episode of the latter?

No. Then wait for the video. There are worse ways to spend an evening in.

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