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Old School - Will Ferrell Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Frank the Tank looks destined to become a classic comic character, people will quote him, I'm sure, in many years to come, but surely the toughest scene for you, perhaps, was the 'let's all streak'. Did it require a couple of drinks before you were persuaded to do a couple of takes for that?
No, actually, once I wrapped my head around the fact that I actually had to do it, and got comfortable with getting through that scene, I actually crossed into another dimension where I actually just showed up nude on set for the next two weeks.
I was being asked things like, 'Will, do you have any good ideas for this scene', and I would reply, 'yeah, let's play it nude!' And I'd just start to take my pants off, so it was tough once that was instilled in me, it was tough to suppress.

Q. Were you a High School sports jock, or a college jock?
No, I played High School athletics, and American Football, basketball, baseball, and I was the kicker on the football team [the place kicker]. I tried walking on, and went to the University of Southern California and tried out, but they didn't want me. I don't know why. So...

Q. Was it more daunting acting a nude scene with a car full of women, or Snoop Dogg?
Ah yeah, those were two good scenarios. Backing into the car with the women, they were more likely to laugh; but Snoop's more likely to have you beaten down by his boys, who would just stare at you for a long time.

Q. It's a very self-deffacating role that you took on there, we assume that you didn't object to the line, when you back into the car and one of the ladies makes an observation about it being a cold night?
: I did ask for a fanny light, a key light, for that part of my body, but they said it would take too long to light. But that was an ad-libbed line, and not a particularly polite one, that wasn't even that funny.

Q. What are the best and worst parties you've ever been to?
A: The best one was actually, I think, in Luke's room last night. That was the best party I'd been to in a while.
Luke Wilson: It concluded with a sun rise ceremony in Hyde Park. A friend of ours in a New Age Priest, Rev Gary Davies...
WF: It was a beautiful, beautiful ceremony; we then took a carriage ride, and ended up at the now dismantled Wembley Stadium, where we did a soundcheck for our film.
As for the worst party, parties for movies that are going to be flops... those can be pretty depressing. And if you're in them, it's even worse. I mean those where you're agents kind of half-heartedly like, 'there's, you know, there's good...' And it's like, 'yeah, right'. Those can be downers.

Q. Well, we've seen gymnastics at things like the Olympics, but we've never seen anything quite like the thing you do in the gymnasium with the stick with the red ribbon on it. Where does that come from?
I descirbe it as a mixture of watching the beauty and grace of figure skating in the Olympics mixed with a nature documentary, say, of a gazelle with a pot belly....

Q. Is Seann William Scott a good kisser?
He's not bad. I'm happily married and I prefer kissing women, but for a man who kisses with tongue, Seann is right on par with the best of them.

Q. You've worked with Owen Wilson, on Zoolander, and now with Luke, so which one of the siblings did you prefer?
Well, the funny thing is that on Zoolander, our schedules were such that I never actually worked with Owen on the same day. But that having been said, I still prefer working with Owen.
And I think Luke agrees...
Luke Wilson: In a weird way, I understand where he's coming from. I wish I could get out of my own skin sometimes. But, thank you, for being honest.

Q. And what about you working with him? Want the chance to get your own back?
Luke Wilson: Will's fine if you like somebody that goes from being hyper-sensitive to extreme rage. So you don't know really what you're going to get with the guy.
I can only really bail the guy out of jail in Tijuana so often, before I say, you know, 'enough's enough, there are limits, and I think it's terrible what you did to Jack Osbourne'.

Q. What was the vibe like between all of you, because it seems very natural?
In regards to Vince, that was one of the truly exciting things for me, was to get to work with these two guys. You can admire someone's work and then find, for whatever reasons, that you don't click. But we had a great time right from the beginning, and we also share the same comedic sensibilities.
We weren't arguing over whether we thought something was funny or not, it was always, well, let's try this. And Todd Phillips, the director, always encouraged us to speak up if he felt we had something new to bring.

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