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National Treasure - Diane Kruger Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. This is your biggest action role to date, were you prepared for it?
I thought I was pretty fit coming into this, but I realised I should have gone to the gym more often. It was fun, I’ve never done anything this action packed before. It was interesting to hang off a truck for a week. It’s really challenging, I have a whole new level of respect for stuntmen because it is really hard work.

Q. Is it true that you intimidated Nicolas Cage during the screen test?
I really don’t know where that’s come from. When I first met Nic I was incredibly starstruck, and I was terrified of not getting the job, and that he would think I was a terrible actor.
I pretty much avoided all eye contact with him. I think he maybe thought I was a little odd. But otherwise I don’t know where that has come from.
Cage: It comes from Jon Turteltaub putting it in the production notes. I wish I had read them before they went out. I’ve been asked this question a million times. I really wanted her to be in the movie, when we all did the screen test she was clearly the one who challenged – not intimidated – me. We riffed together, like music.
Besides that, she was doing Peter O’Toole impressions while relaxing between scenes, so I thought that this was finally somebody I could relate to. I wouldn’t say I was intimidated, I was more enthralled at the prospect of working with Diane.

Q. Jon made it up then?
Nicolas Cage:
I remember saying she was very challenging, and he changed that into ‘intimidating’. I wasn’t the one screen testing.

Q. What was the appeal of this film for Diane?
It was lovely, I was sent the script when I was in Mexico making Troy, and I spent six months being really depressed and emotional in every single scene. This was the perfect movie to come along, something light and contemporary. And I loved that my character was so strong, witty, charming and smart at the same time. I’d never played that.
Nic was a huge lure, and the idea of being in a Jerry Bruckheimer was too. And Jon was just so funny when I met him on my audition, so enthusiastic, I felt this couldn’t have been more perfect really.

Q. I imagine your head must be spinning after the two years you've enjoyed? How does that feel?
I’ve only been acting for three years now, and it’s been an incredible last couple of years. And it really happened very naturally, I didn’t go out to America to try to get work, it it’s just sort of happened. I feel incredibly blessed, and lucky, but I’m very aware of being the flavour of the month right now. My ambition is to be recognised as a good actor.
I will hopefully get the opportunity to show more range, I’m hoping to do more European films, more challenging parts in future. I want to do it all, and I really admire what Nic was saying about his eclectic choice in movies.
I share that and I really admire his body of work over the years. I really hope I get the opportunity to do the same, so I have been making conscious choices about doing those smaller independent films. I cannot thank people enough for giving me the opportunities I’ve had.

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