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Sin City - US reaction

Review by: Jack Foley | Rating: Two

IN A recent interview for his film, Hostage, Bruce Willis is quoted as saying: Wait to you see Sin City, it's going to blow your mind. You'll go back and see it three times, it's so good."

Well, the film opened in America on Friday, April 1, and despite coming out on April Fool's Day, it would appear that Willis won't be made to look one in terms of critical reaction.

The film drew largely positive feedback from critics who were not only impressed by its distinctive look, but also because of the unapologetically gritty nature of proceedings.

The Chicago Tribune, for instance, wrote that it's 'a movie of such high style, done in such a spirit of electrifying fun and creativity, that it kisses the blood right off its own violent hands'.

While Rolling Stone felt that 'Sin City is a hard, cold, relentless assault. It's also something Hollywood seems to have given up on: a bold, uncompromised vision'.

The Washington Post wrote that 'Rodriguez and company have so faithfully captured Miller's essence, there's something beautiful about the whole thing. It's an act of inspired reverence'.

And Newsday opined: "Sometimes it all seems as schematic as a theme park attraction. Mostly, though, the movie comes across like the fever dream of a smart, put-upon adolescent who'd been up all night watching every black-and-white crime movie made since the sound era."

Strong, too, was Arizona Republic, which felt that 'every now and then, a movie does more than gamely defend the status quo but actually advances the art form. So it is with Sin City, a stunning, brutal vision of a city gone mad'.

And the New York Daily News wrote: "Mixing live-action with computer-generated images, it looks like the novels, talks and bleeds like the novels, is as muscular and voluptuous as the novels -- and it leaves you breathless as only a movie can."

Not so positive, however, was the likes of Entertainment Weekly, which felt that it becomes 'so seduced by the visual possibilities of sin that style becomes its own vice'.

And the Denver Post, which lamented that 'this big-screen treatment of Miller's graphic novels is a soft- core marathon of stylized mayhem, flesh-pot excess and cinematic pretense'.

But the San Francisco Chronicle was much more positive, noting that 'to remember Sin City hours later is to remember from a different part of the brain that remembers conventional movies'.

While Variety stated that 'Miller's world of rough customers living on the wild side possesses a sordid allure, which the directors dazzlingly deliver to the screen'.

And wrote that it is 'a meticulously-crafted weapon of a movie that will please, disgust, and inspire loyalty among comic fans and strong-stomached general audiences alike'.

The Seattle Times, however, rounds this overview up with the comment: "Miller's many fans are likely to hail this as a masterpiece. Rarely has an artist in one medium been so loyally served by another."

Sin City will open in UK cinemas on June 3.

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