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Star Wars: Episode III - Vader details to be revealed on DVD as Ash head to Skywalker Ranch

Story by: Jack Foley

STAR Wars fanatics are being promised a ‘piece by piece’ approach to revelations concerning the final film in the saga, ahead of its cinematic release, in 2005.

Hot on the heels of a US release date, and news of an extended fight sequence, comes the revelation that the new Darth Vader costume for the 'prequels' will be included on the forthcoming DVD set of the original trilogy.

The eagerly-anticipated DVD will also feature an interview with Star Wars creator, George Lucas, as well as peeking at the costume worn by Anakin Skywalker, who becomes Vader.

"Our fans have been eagerly awaiting every morsel of Episode III as we divulge it," said Lucasfilm's Jim Ward. "And we're giving it to them piece by piece."

Ward went on to promise fans that they will get to see the evolution of the Vader character and go places with him they’ve never gone before.

The same DVD featurette will show behind-the-scenes footage of Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) and Ewan McGregor's (Obi-Wan Kenobi) climactic lightsaber battle - which is reported to be the longest in cinema history.

And it will help to make the DVD release even more popular than it currently is, when it’s released in September, as it has already climbed to the top of the DVD charts on internet retail sites, like Amazon, through record amounts of pre-orders.

As part of the other special features package, fans are also promised a look at the lightsabers, as well as biographies of some of the famous alien creatures, and a playable Xbox video game demo for the upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront.

But while the odd insight into the next Star Wars film is certain to wet fans’ appetite, many of the film’s biggest secrets will remain under wraps, prior to its release in May.

What is known is that the final instalment will be set years before the events of the original Star Wars trilogy.

l In other related Star Wars news, British band, Ash, told Xfm that George Lucas has invited them to his Skywalker Ranch next month.

The band, who are self-confessed fans of the series, and who are preparing to release their latest single, Orpheus, on Monday, are to meet the Star Wars supremo at his Californian residence.

The visit is designed to coincide with their appearance at the Coachella Festival, although they claim to be unsure why Lucas has invited them.

Lead singer, Tim Wheeler, told Xfm: "We’re talking to George Lucas about doing some stuff. I can’t really say what it’ll be for. It’s about games and films as well,but I can’t be any more specific.

"We’re going over to play Coachella (May 1-2) and we’ve been invited to the Skywalker Ranch to meet just after that.

"It’s weird, this year a lot of our dreams seem to be coming true. We’re getting to go to Skywalker Ranch, we’ve been recording where Nirvana made Nevermind and Brian Robertson, from Thin Lizzy, played guitar with us onstage. It’s been great."

Ash’s forthcoming album, Meltdown, will be released on May 17 and a UK tour will follow.

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