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Dodgeball - Vince Vaughn Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. In the production notes, you’re quoted as saying that you found the film, in essence, rather similar to the Wizard of Oz. Can you pick up that ball and run with it…
Thank you so much for asking me that, yeah. I was referring to the performance, I said in this movie that a lot of the characters my character comes into contact with are extreme characters. Even the people in Average Joe’s gym are kind of exceptional in a way. And so I said that in playing a lead in a movie where a lot of the characters are kind of extreme, I was this sort of Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz - someone who the audience could see the film through their eyes, and have someone grounded.

Q. Given your body of work - Old School, Starsky and Hutch and Swingers, etc - you’ve kind of got this image of being the Dean Martin for the new millennium, being the coolest white man in the movies. Is it difficult to live up to your screen image?
Not really, I mean even from the beginning with Swingers, I always felt that the success of that film was really an innocence that was in that movie. Those guys weren’t really that cool, and sadly this was based on me and Jon [Favreau]. I think there’s something universal in going through a break-up, not having your confidence, and trying to get back out there and connect with people.
I mean, we were out of work actors, which we were; we play a lot of video games, and no one really hooked up with girls in the film, so we were sort of surprised that the characters were seen as cool. In fact, the last scene in the movie, where I sort of think the girl’s hitting on me and really she’s talking to a child, is indicative of this.
More so, I think, if there’s any cool in it, it’s because there’s kind of a geekiness to it, that most people can relate to. Kind of an awkwardness.
BEN: But I have to say that hanging out with Vince, definitely that persona is not like a put-on thing. It’s a natural element of your personality that has that coolness about it.

Q. Are there any links between you and the character you play - this man who proudly proclaims that ‘failure is an option’?
Yeah, I never have been a big work out person. So there’s that similarity. I really liked the accepting of Average Joe’s gym, and these people who don’t really fit in, in a mainstream way. Peter’s not necessarily motivated to save it; he’s kind of reluctant.

Q. Your characters seem to learn big life-lessons. Did you learn any on-set, or is there anything you can impart that you really think we should know?
I did learn a life lesson, I don’t know what that says about me. I learned that not exercising, for a long period of time, and then running and stopping a lot, without stretching, is a bad idea. And I would like to pass that on if I could.

Q. Ben and Vince, this is the third movie you’re made in a year, what with Starsky, Anchorman and now this one, is this a deliberate thing, working together?
Thank you for noticing, really. I’ve always been a big fan of Ben’s, for a long time, starting with the show that he did, and when we were younger, we did a short for MTV, a comedy sketch. Zoolander was really a cameo, and we didn’t have a lot to do together with Starsky and Hutch, so this was the first time, in a film, that we were actually having scenes together - so it was a lot of fun, for me, and no, we will not be working together again!

Q. Was there any sport, while you were at school, you liked playing?
I did play sports in school and I was good enough to make the team above average, without being any great shakes at anything.

Q. So what was your favourite?
I liked playing American football; I played baseball, but I was horrible at that, once the curveball was introduced, I was no good swinging the bat. I also wrestled, from my fifth grade through to my freshman year of High School. But at a certain point, that wasn’t interesting any more [laughs].

Q. If you could all hurl a ball into the face of one public or political figure, without any repercussions, who would it be?
Stand up! [Motions to reach a ball]. Nobody.
CHRISTINE: There’s no right answer there!
BEN: I think most politicians could take a Dodgeball in the face, just due to the fact they’re politicians.

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