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Ocean's 12 - Plot details revealed as mafia link denied

Preview by: Jack Foley

OCEAN’S 12, the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to George Clooney’s ultra-hip heist movie, continues to attract interest from all corners of the eagle-eyed media.

Having been repeatedly photographed while filming in Italy (including the Eternal City of Rome), the producers recently had to dismiss claims of Mafia intimidation on the Palermo set.

Now, however, the focus seems to be on the plot itself, with co-star, Matt Damon, revealing a little more about the plot’s details, while promoting his own sequel, The Bourne Supremacy.

The film will pick up as the original crew - which included Clooney, Damon, Brad Pitt and co - have been caught by Andy Garcia’s casino owner, Terry Benedict, following a tip-off from Vincent Cassell’s European thief.

Benedict wants his $150 million back, while Cassell simply wants to challenge Ocean’s crew, in order to prove that he is the world’s greatest thief.

So, with time against them, Ocean’s 12 (as they become) must recover the money by pulling various European jobs, or face the prospect of prison, or worse, at the hands of Benedict’s henchmen.

Damon is one of a host of high-profile stars who helped to make the original such a huge success for Warner Bros, and the sequel is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the Christmas season.

However, keeping the plot a secret was child’s play, considering some of the reports which have surfaced from the set, which alleged that the stars had unwittingly become the focus of a Mafia investigation.

Producer, Jerry Weintraub, was forced to dismiss reports that members of the Mafia were trying to extort money from production staff on the film set of Ocean's 12, and subsequently came out in defence of the hospitality that Italy had shown them.

In a statement, he said: "We were never approached by any Mafia for extortion money. It's ridiculous; it's total fabrication. They said I was worried about my stars. That was nonsense.

"No one ever threatened any of us. If anybody was going to get extorted it was me.

"All of Italy was great. We had nothing but a wonderful time. I hate for them to get a bum rap like this."

The claims in question arose while the team was filming in the seaside town of Scopello, in western Sicily, when police official, Giuseppe Linares, revealed that the film's cast and crew were unaware of an undercover investigation into local Mafia activity.

He claimed that during the investigation, officers noticed some suspected mobsters hanging around the Ocean's 12 set, and suggested that some may have been looking to extort the production, or could have been worried that a secret alcove used to hide arms in the area might be uncovered.

Ocean’s 12, which also co-stars Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones, is due for a UK release in February, following its US bow in mid-December.

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