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Ocean's 12 - US reaction

Compiled by: Jack Foley

THEY'RE back and, according to some, cooler than ever.

The ultra-hip crew behind Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's 11 - that's George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia and affiliates - have returned for the sequel, Ocean's 12, and the US reaction has largely been positive.

Kicking off the good reviews are Ebert and Roeper, who said that 'the film itself is like a glossy European fashion magazine come to life, with beautiful location shots, stylish direction from Steve Soderbergh and comfortable, winking performances'.

While Variety stated that 'it's the most high-end junk food imaginable, completely unnourishing and forgettable afterward, but delicious and all but impossible not to enjoy while it's in front of you'.

And USA Today felt that 'the real-life camaraderie of Clooney, Pitt, Damon and the rest translates to the screen with charm and verve'.

Strong, too, was the Dallas Morning News, which felt that 'Ocean's Twelve works like a short-term charm. In several years, you won't remember much about the movie except what a good time you had watching it'.


The slick crime caper did not rub off on everyone, however, with several alluding to the possibility that they had been conned out of a certain amount of entertainment.

Entertainment Weekly, for instance, wrote that 'what's on screen is lazy, second-rate, phoned-in - a heist in which it's the audience whose pockets have been picked'.

While the Los Angeles Times felt that it is 'a lethargic would-be entertainment as well as a dispiriting vanity project, it is such a misfire that it makes it hard to remember what was special about its predecessor'.

And Slant Magazine felt that 'there’s so much mugging in this film that I kept checking my pockets to see if my wallet was missing'.

Disappointed, too, was the San Jose Mercury News, which lamented: "With Ocean's Twelve, Hollywood moves a step closer to the glorious day when it will no longer have to rouse itself to the bothersome task of making movies at all, skipping straight ahead to what the studios truly care about: the marketing campaign."

But returning to the positives, Village Voice opined that 'the movie noisily conveys the messy joy of its making, and insists that you have a good time as well'.

While the Chicago Tribune declared that 'this movie often seems like a big, swinging party with a can't-miss guest list'.

And Netflix stated: "Sassy, classy con flick sequel is like jazz improv from a room full of pros - smooth, stylish and swingin' fun."

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