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American Pie: The Wedding - Alyson Hannigan

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Did making a wedding movie make you think of your own, imminent wedding?
Yes, I definitely drew parallels between professional and personal... but Michelle's wedding was not my idea of the perfect wedding. I'm glad I got to experience it in the film, but I'm not into the big fluffy dress, and the formal wedding is not my thing.
Eugene: It was very pretty, though...
Alison: Very pretty, but very high maintenance. My wedding's going to be more out of the box and unique; it's going to represent us. It's not going to be the big white wedding, which was gorgeous, just not for me.

Q. Did you shed a tear, or how did you commemorate the last scene that you all shot? Particularly as you seem to have been going through a period of saying goodbye to characters, such as Willow?
A. I'm sure I'll have some sort of breakdown in the next few months. But right now, it's been a bittersweet sort of time in my life, but I'm very excited about the future, and so thrilled that I got to be a part of an amazing show, and an amazing trilogy. So I'm very blessed and grateful for the opportunity, but I'm excited about the future.

Q. Have you been to any particularly wild or raunchy parties, such as the bachelor one depicted in this movie?
No, not really. The parties I like to go to are game nights. Such as running charades.
You have three groups, and go into separate rooms, and there's one person sitting in the furthest room possible with a list of things you have to act out. It's usually a list of ten things. So you run back to your rooms, come back, whisper it in the person's ear, get the next one, but it gets pretty violent, because you don't know where the next team is, if they're on number four or five, and it's the first team that gets all ten, so you get a lot of pushing and shoving.
But that's not very exciting to tell you about, even though it's really fun to do.

Q. Is there ever any hope of a Willow spin-off?
No, I'm just so happy to have been a part of that show, but I don't think anything else would be good enough. Willow had such a great arc; where else could she go? I've saved the world, and tried to destroy it, and then saved it again...

Q. What are you involved with next? What's on the horizon?
I'll watch these guys new movies, but I don't know. I'm getting married, and sort of figuring things out.

Q. Were you disappointed by the lack of musical instruments in this film?
No, not really, after the trumpet... Jason was really hoping we'd incorporate a tubar, or something.

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