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American Pie: The Wedding - Eugene Levy Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Jim's dad has had this whole stream of philosophy going on from the first movie. So much so, that I'm surprised that no one's come up to you and suggested a book? The thoughts of Jim's dad?
No one's suggested it? No [deadpan].
Q. Is it something you'd like to do?
No [deadpan]. No. I don't think so. You know, some people come up to me on the street, asking for advice. And I say 'no'. It's never happened. I think people accept that in the character, but fortunately I think they know where to draw the line and not ask me for advice. But I love the fact that people have taken to the character... that's very sweet.

Q. Did you shed a tear, or how did you commemorate the last scene that you all shot?
A. Yes, it was a good run, and I'm glad I got a chance to at least work with the other characters in the movie on this one, because the first two was me and Jason doing our thing. I don't think I actually got to know the cast til the second movie; there were so many three name names... I just got everybody confused, and this one I got a chance to work with everybody, and work with the guys, at least in the wedding sequence. So it's a good group and these guys are really, really good actors. They treat their work very seriously.
I mean, when you think about this kind of premise - and we're talking about dog poo - it seems quite bizzare, in that context, to talk about how everyone takes their craft seriously; but it's true. It's a really good group of people to work with.

The cast, and Adam and the producers, all can put together something that works, particularly as this is touchy subject matter, for anybody.
It works so well because it was in the right hands from the beginning, which is what sold me on doing the first one. I knew this was in good hands; they didn't seem like the kind of guys who would put out a stinker of a movie - they were too smart. They just knew where that line, and were always on the good side of bad taste.
So, yeah, it was kind of sad.

Q. Have you attended any memorable marriages? I mean, you recently celebrated your silver wedding anniversary last year, I believe?
Yes, that is correct [deadpan]. And yes it was memorable [looks vague]. I'm trying to think... From the time we decided to get married and the actual date was two weeks, so we didn't send out invitations, but phoned people, relatives and stuff. There was a lot of relatives that I hadn't talked to for a time, so it was a tough call to make. So we had the wedding, and then a little reception, where I met my wife, at the Second City Theatre, where I started, upstairs in the dining room.
Because there were a lot of pictures of me, in the building, because I worked in the building, I thought it was a good way to impress my family, and that was it. Very low key, no honeymoon, but wonderful, and I would do it again [deadpan]... with the same lady.

Q. What are you involved with next? What's on the horizon?
A Mighty Wind comes out here soon. Maybe January, but I think it premieres at the London Film Festival. It might just be a small burp now, I don't know.

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