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American Wedding - US reaction

Preview by: Jack Foley

HAVING successfully come of age (or is that cum of age?), the American Pie team now invite you to a very special occasion - an American Wedding.

Yet American critics who picked up the invitation were divided over the merits of the third film in the series.

Those that hated it, such as Entertainment Weekly, really seemed to hate it; while those that liked it, found it to be a fitting finale to the series.

Entertainment Weekly, however, summed up the negative attitude towards it, awarding it a D- and writing that it is 'a groin-numbing onslaught of sexual-humiliation and emission-ingestion gags'.

Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, felt that 'the familiar formula feels significantly watered-down the third time around', while the Los Angeles Times referred to it as 'the grossest, least funny installment in the American Pie series'.

The Chicago Tribune, meanwhile, stated that 'by now, the pie is stale and the whole thing is one big fat geek wedding fiasco'.

While the San Francisco Chronicle felt that 'the strain and desperation are apparent from the first scene'.

The New York Post, meanwhile, stated that it 'has some gut-busting moments, but for the most part the thrill is gone from what the ads describe as the 'thrilling climax' of this gross-out franchise'.

And the New York Daily News felt that it is 'an aimless charade of doggy poo, latex breasts and really, really bad language'.

But those who liked it provide some hope that the final part of this popular series isn't the disaster many have found it to be.

The Chicago Sun-Times wrote that 'it has a sweetness that is impossible to discount, and it is often very funny', while E! Online felt that it 'embraces the fact that it has no shame — and you'll be laughing right along with it'.

The Detroit News felt that it 'still has all the crude, rude fun of its predecessors', while the Washington Post felt that 'if you do not bring pride, good taste or sense to this third American Pie installment, you'll have a good time'.

KBTV-NBC, meanwhile, stated that 'if all weddings were this fun, I wouldn’t mind going to them'.

And Variety felt that it is 'tastier than the previous two, now sad-looking chapters'.

The Movie Navigator wrote that 'for this third installment of the American Pie films, writer Adam Herz pens some of the funniest situations since curious high-school senior Jim Levinstein first made love to an apple-pie'.

And LA Weekly opined that it is 'enormously, convulsively funny, and it never lets up — it has no shame'.

The Houston Chronicle, similarly, felt that 'this is the funniest of the three movies. The new characters and the tighter focus are just what the series needed'.

While the Globe and Mail decided that it is 'a better film than anyone should normally expect in this genre'.

Premiere Magazine also felt that 'American Wedding, in fact, is so tasteless, so fiendishly puerile that it’s hilarious'.

And, finally, Reeling Views stated that 'if the reactions of the screening audience are any indications, it will be huge'.

The movie opens in the UK on August 15.

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