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American Pie: The Wedding - Seann William Scott Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. The 'chocolate truffle' scene is probably going to haunt you for the rest of your career. While watching, I could see several people look away in horror. It must have shot through your head, while filming, how horrible this would have been had it not been a 'stunt double' you ate?
Yeah [laughs uneasily]. What's your question!? No, I remember reading it and thought it was pretty gross. I didn't even know whether it would come across as funny, but the other actors in the scene were so funny, and all the improv, and I liked the scenes leading up to it (they went well)... but it was play dough and chocolate; which didn't really taste like chocolate. In fact, it tasted like shit! My eyes were really watering and it was a day I'll never forget, I guess.

Q. That was superb acting, the way you managed to hold that piece between your teeth?
I think that was take 100. It got stuck in my teeth.
Alison: What really put me off, was Eddie's reaction to it. It's so cool, cos it's just exactly what you want to do and you know that feeling.

Q. After three American Pie movies, what would you say is your most memorable gross-out moment, or the one moment that fills you with the most kind of cringe?
I think it was drinking the semen. That stuck with me for a while. What about you Jason?

Q. What did they use for that?
Egg white.

Q. Last time you were all in, you said it was highly unlikely that there would be an American Pie 3, because you thought it would be when they all got to a certain age, and would require the services of Viagra. So, are you already on Viagra, and do you see Pie 4 moving at any time?
He's on it right now!
Seann: No, I'm not on Viagra right now! And it's like Jason said, the script was so funny. I didn't think that we would, because we were so fortunate that the first two were so well-received. But the script was just really funny, and it made sense.
I thought that we had an opportunity to really do a comedy trilogy and tie them all together and finish off with a bang.
It also just seemed like so much fun, particularly as the character had more to do, and interact with other characters. There was a different energy, so there was a great opportunity.

Q. Where do you see Stifler in ten years' time?
Dead [laughs]. I don't know. In an insane asylum.

Q. Did you shed a tear, or how did you commemorate the last scene that you all shot?
A. There was the scene where, the one time you see Stifler react to people calling him a dick, and he was driving in his car... and I remember, the only reason I have a career is because of these guys, and everyone involved. And this character, it's the one time you kind of see him acting a little human, and it was remarkable, because all of the people from the town were out there, watching us, and you just see how big this thing has become.
I was driving home and I felt kind of sad, but then I got excited because I knew we'd be doing this again [junkets], and we'd go on a whole new adventure. But, like Alison said, I'm sure when it's over, I'll go home and have a nervous breakdown.

Q. One of Stifler's more memorable scenes in this one is the dance-off. Are you classically trained? And how much training was needed? Were you comfortable doing it?
Well, I travelled the world, going to a lot of different gay clubs.... I practised for about a month, a couple of days a week, cos I really can't dance at all.
We didn't show anyone until the day we started shooting, and thank God they liked it. But I really couldn't walk for about a week afterwards, my legs were really tired.

Q. What has the transition been like, from being a comedy star, to an action star?
I don't really know what I'm doing in either genre. But I liked action a lot, it was fun. It was actually a little more difficult, because sometimes the scripts are a little more difficult to tell the story.
But it didn't really feel like a transition at all, because there is a little bit of comedy in each.

Q. And what was your experience of working with The Rock?
Oh, great. He's a great guy. The movie is going to be awesome. He blew me away, and Christopher Walken was great in it. It's a little bit like Midnight Run, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in that sort of tone.

Q. Do you think you'll do both from now on?
I would love to do more action, it was a lot of fun. But I like doing comedy, too, so it's whatever comes my way.

Q. What are you involved with next? What's on the horizon?
The Rundown, with The Rock, in September, and a remake of a French film, which I'm producing, and will star in as well...


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