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Troy - stars dazzles at Cannes

Story by: Jack Foley

THE stars of epic movie, Troy, made sure that the glamour and glitz returned to Cannes on Thursday (May 13, 2004), when they attended the film's premiere and dropped in for a press conference.

The film's main star, Brad Pitt, fielded the bulk of the questions, particularly as the press conference marked one of the first occasions the press got to quiz him about the epic (rumoured to be the most expensive of all-time).

But he was joined by co-stars, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Sean Bean, not to mention, director, Wolfgang Petersen.

Thousands of journalists clamoured for the opportunity to quiz Pitt, however, on everything from his relationship with wife, Jennifer Aniston, to the final episode of Friends, and the current Iraq conflict.

On the latter subject, and whether the film (or Homer's story, The Iliad) had any parallels with the current situation in Iraq, he replied: "The themes Homer seemed to be after resonate today.

"We do see war as tragedy, people die, families are destroyed. But in my research, many scholars were saying that what Homer was after was this acceptance of a greater humanity.

"It's this greater idea of a common humanity and how do we get past these hatreds and resentments that we have built between us.

"All the mistakes and successes have been made and they are there for us to learn from or ignore."

He was backed by one of his co-stars, British actress, Saffron Burrows, who agred that 'the eternal question of the futility of war' was at the heart of Troy.

"There is a terrible sense of deja vu about what the Trojans faced and what we're facing at the moment," she added.

Elsewhere, Pitt had to field questions about his wife, and Friends, joking that he had been able to catch the last episode of the popular comedy series, and confessing that it was very good.

As for his outfits in Troy, and most notably the skirt, he confessed, cheekily, that: "My wife liked the costume. My Greek woman asked me to bring it home. I'm not sure why yet."

The fim's director, Petersen, was also given a hard time about the decision to dispense with a lot of the mythology - in particular, the role of the Gods.

He confessed that the film had taken 'quite a bit of liberty' with Homer's original poem, but maintained that Troy was merely 'inspired by The Iliad - it's not an adaptation of The Iliad'.

He felt it would be 'laughable' to modern audiences to have the Gods turn up.

And he added: "If Homer would be able to look down on us today, I think he would smile."

Writer, David Benioff, merely added: "I do expect Zeus will strike me down for leaving him out of my script."

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