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November - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

IT will be interesting to see how the cast of Friends cope with life, once the series finally comes to a close.

At the moment, the smart money appears to be on Jennifer Aniston to continue her success story, as the actress has proved more than competent in movies such as Bruce Almighty and the upcoming Along Came Polley (alongside Ben Stiller).

Following in her footsteps, however, could be Courteney Cox, whose latest piece, November, was one of the hot tips to do well at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Cox is no stranger to the big screen, however, having appeared in the Scream series, as well as the likes of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, but November marks a change of pace, and could well establish her as a dramatic actress to watch, much as The Good Girl did for Aniston when it debuted at Robert Redford’s showpiece event.

In the film, Cox is said to deliver ‘a subtle and nuanced performance, as a woman whose life is tragically altered when her boyfriend, James LeGros, is shot to death at a convenience store. Traumatized by guilt, she tries to get on with her life, but finds her reality gradually splintering.

According to the Sundance website, ‘November is the kind of film that only a literate filmmaker would endeavour to make, and Greg Harrison, in his second directorial outing, demonstrates the sophisticated craft and incredible facility with cinematic language essential to creating this riveting exploration of the fragility of the mind and existence’.

The film is said to be reminiscent of films such as John Travolta’s Blow Up and David Lynch’s Lost Highway, which ‘is a totally engrossing exercise in temporal narrative, memory, and the powerful reality of images’.

Harrison slowly and deliberately reveals the truths hidden in this wonderfully imaginative personal drama with a skill that belies his youth but cannot cloud his importance as one of the best of an emerging generation of film artists.

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