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Big screen hope for X-Files reunion?

Story by: Jack Foley

X-FILES fans still mourning the loss of their favourite FBI agents could be celebrating very shortly, if plans for a new movie are true.

According to TV star, David Duchovny, plans are in place for a sequel to the movie, which hit cinema screens at the peak of the show's success.

The actor, who played Agent Mulder, claims a new movie is in the works, although he had no idea of the plot, as yet.

"I'm dying to hear it," added the 43-year-old, before revealing that he had reached a point where he had finally started to miss it.

Duchovny claims he is now ready for Mulder and Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, to reunite, now that he has taken a break from 'a relentless X-Files filming schedule'.

The star maintains that, while he wanted 'the grind' to end, he never wanted the show to come to a close with it, and he still clings to the fantasy that a movie franchise could exist.

"Hopefully, this second movie will give it a foundation as such," he is quoted as saying.

What's more, series creator, Chris Carter, is said to have approved the new story line.

"Now it's just a matter of making sure everybody can get together at the same time and do it," Duchovny concluded.

The last X-Files movie was released in 1998 to widespread critical acclaim and healthy box office.

The series came to a close following the departure of Duchovny as a series regular - despite the best efforts of Robert Patrick to replace him.

But the series remains popular among fans, who would, no doubt, leap at the chance to see a big screen reunion.

Anderson is currently in London's West End, in the stage adaptation of The Sweetest Swing in Baseball.

The X-Files: Season 8 (the final series) is currently available on DVD.

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