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Matrix Revolutions - Keanu Reeves Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q: The third film is all about resolution. How are your character's dilemmas, the various choices he faces, resolved? What happens to him?
He starts to make his own decisions. There's a moment in the film where Neo makes a decision and Morpheus says: "Is that what the Oracle told you?" And he says, "No." He's gained his own way now. Or, at least, is finding his way.

Q: Let me get you to talk a little bit about this whole concept of faith and belief because that's really where your character's superpowers come from...
In the first film, Morpheus instructs my character to free his mind. And I think he's gained sight progressively through that.

Q: Something that's so powerful and wonderful in the third film is the relationship between your character and Trinity. Can you explain it?
Neo and Trinity go beyond romantic love. They become committed to each other in a life or death way. And they bring each other life. Through the other person, they can experience their own life.

Q: Another very strong aspect of Neo is his prowess. What kind of training and preparation did you do for the sequences in the third film?
The script for Revolutions has its own character in Neo. It's very different than Reloaded. So, I really took the lead from the script. In terms of the training, I had to be faster and better.
The final battle between Neo and Smith took quite a long time. We did it in rain, so there were certain elements to it that made it a little more difficult.
Like Hugo and I oftentimes couldn't see each other because of the rain, so we were fighting just by feel. We had fought so much together by then, for almost two or three years, so on the first take when the rain fell, we started to do our fight and we couldn't see but we could do it. It was cool.

Q: This whole thing has been such a massive undertaking for you and you've talked a lot about what the character has meant for you. What are your feelings now? We're at the end now.
Very exciting. I'm really excited that all the films are out now. I'm really proud to be a part of them. They are all very special to me and I love Revolutions. I think it's a really open and enjoyable film. I think that Larry and Andrew Wachowski did a wonderful, brilliant film.

Q: Do you find that the kind of training that's been instilled into you is now part of your everyday life?
No, it's too hard. When I work on it, I really enjoy it but it's almost like professional athletic training. It's nine hours a day of training before filming and then during filming, you're training after work and on the weekends. It's a regimen that is very work-specific.

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