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Matrix Revolutions: OST

Review: Dean Allen

DON Davis flies solo this time around for The Matrix Revolutions, which means no songs that don't actually appear in the film.

Described as a 'rock opera', it's a traditional soundtrack album of incidental music that is far more orchestral and choral that Davis' tonal discordant music for The Matrix.

As a companion to the music from Reloaded, the opening tracks 'The Trainman Cometh', with its driving electronic dance beats, and 'Tetsujin', once again highlights the extraordinary drum work of Juno Reactor that matches perfectly with 'Teehouse' from Reloaded.

After the contribution from the ambient group, Pale 3, for 'In My Head', which plays in the Club Hell scene, the rest of the soundtrack belongs to Davis.

Far more epic in scope than the minimalism of The Matrix, Davis has a full orchestra to play with, which contributes greatly to the epic grandiose feel.

Tracks such as 'Moribund Mifune' and 'Kid fried', combining traditional orchestral score with Davis' discordant tones, and 'Trinity Definitely' is a far more tender cue with strings and oboe.

'Neodammerung' then breaks up the tenderness with a great action cue, with crashes and driving strings and epic choral work that will accompany the super burly brawl between Neo and Smith that will decide the fate of human and machine kind. Epic is too small a word to describe it.

A lack of songs from contemporary acts may hinder the sales but fans of Davis' work will be more than pleased. The soundtrack also includes a playable video game, the trailer and character bios from the upcoming comic books.

Track Listings
1. Don Davis - The Matrix Revolutions Main Title
2. Juno Reactor and Don Davis - The Trainman Cometh
3. Juno Reactor and Don Davis - Tetsujin
4. Pale 3 - In My Head
5. Don Davis - The Road To Sourceville
6. Don Davis - Men In Metal
7. Don Davis - Niobe's Run
8. Don Davis - Woman Can Drive
9. Don Davis - Moribund Mifune
10. Don Davis - Kidfried
11. Don Davis - Saw Bitch Workhorse
12. Don Davis - Trinity Definitely
13. Don Davis - Neodämmerung
14. Don Davis - Why, Mr. Anderson?
15. Don Davis - Spirit Of The Universe
16. Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis - Navras

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