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Die Another Day - US reaction, Box Office & Premiere

Compiled by: Jack Foley

UK OPENING: The 20th official James Bond movie, Die Another Day, took over £1.2m on its first day of general release in the UK - Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - and is well on course to beat the five-day opening weekend figure of 007's last outing, The World Is Not Enough (£6.3m). The impressive total was being hailed as a huge success, particularly in light of its midweek opening.

Die Another Day was shown at 430 sites across the UK, and amassed over £2,900 per cinema screen, according to trade magazine Screen International, which predicted another multi-million success for the super agent.

Previous Brosnan outings have always proved popular, with Goldeneye taking £19m, Tomorrow Never Dies taking £22.4m and The World Is Not Enough taking £31.2m.
However, in comparing Die Another Day's opening day total with other success stories, such as Lord of the Rings, the secret agent did not fare so well.

Last year's Fellowship Of The Ring made £2.1m on its midweek launch day in December, while its sequel, The Two Towers, opens on December 18 and is already expected to break Box Office records on both sides of the Atlantic.

US REACTION: Die Another Day was greeted to generally favourable reviews in America, which has proved traditionally more harder on the secret agent than critics in the UK.

Leading the way was Entertainment Weekly, which awarded it an A- and described it as 'the savviest and most exciting Bond adventure in years'. Film Threat awarded it four out of five and said that 'one thing remains the same - the vital fun that a Bond movie brings'.

Hollywood Reporter said that it 'does the expected, but with the ante raised in every area', while LA Weekly referred to it as 'the niftiest Bond movie in years'.

People felt that it was 'engaging escapist entertainment', while Rolling Stone felt that 'darkness becomes [Bond]', and 'so does humour'.

The Boston Phoenix, meanwhile, said that it 'delivers most of what Bondphiles crave: spectacular stunts, cool gadgets, and hot babes'.

Of a more mixed nature were the likes of the Chicago Tribune, which wrote that Die Another Day is 'a James Bond film for people who choose restaurants for their large portions', while Variety felt that it 'sports some tasty scenes, mostly in the first half, but also pushes 007 into CGI-driven, quasi-sci-fi territory that feels like a betrayal of what the franchise has always been about'.

TV Guide went completely down the middle, awarding it two and a half out of five and writing: "When the action stops, so does the movie."

On a negative note, however, Reel Views referred to it as 'a train wreck of an action film', while Slant Magazine found it 'both tiresome and predictable'.

But the film scored more hits than misses, proving that Bond should well wait before he Dies Another Day...

UK PREMIERE: Her Majesty's finest agent, James Bond, had an appointment with the Queen at the charity première of Die Another Day (held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Monday, November 18).

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh both met actor Pierce Brosnan, along with the movie's co-stars, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Dame Judi Dench and Madonna.

The venue was also transformed into an ice palace for the event, in homage to the lair of one of the latest Bond villains.

In what proved to be a star-studded occasion, a number of former James Bonds also attended, including Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and Roger Moore (although Sean Connery stayed away).

Fans, who lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the glittering celebrities, were treated to quite a spectacle, as well as the chance to view some of the cars featured in the Bond films, which were parked outside the Albert Hall to mark the 20th film in the series, and Bond's 40th anniversary.

The film's producers, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, who also attended, said they were honoured that the film had been chosen as the annual royal film performance, describing James Bond as 'the epitome of all things British'.

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