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Shrek 2 - US reaction

Story by: Jack Foley

SHREK 2 opened in America on Wednesday (May 19,2004) to almost universal acclaim, with many placing it with the likes of The Godfather: Part 2, Toy Story 2 and the Lord of the Rings sequels, as the finest follow-ups on all-time.

Having played at Cannes to considerable acclaim, and becoming one of the leading contenders for the prestigious Palme d’Or, it was little wonder to find that publications such as Variety were queuing up to sing its praises.

That publication wrote that ‘the appeal of the characters and the abundance of cleverness in the telling will keep viewers grinning, if not always laughing, through most of the picture’.

Likewise, the Philadelphia Inquirer, which wrote that it is ‘a sequel as exhilarating and riotously funny as 2001's top-grossing original’.

And Rolling Stone, which noted that ‘Shrek 2 brims with perverse pleasures that show no respect for the rules of kiddie-cartoon form’.

The Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, opined that it ‘again presents a world of sight gags, puns, anachronisms and satire within the confines of an off-center fairy tale filled with richly detailed characters and a vibrant sense of fun’.

While the Hollywood Report Card raved: "The film is amusing from start to finish, but one pseudo-video-taped segment of ‘KNIGHTS’ (a ‘COPS’ spoof) rocks the theater. It's hands down (or handcuffed) hilarious."

Somewhat more restrained, but still positive, was the Chicago Sun-Times, which wrote that ‘Shrek 2 is bright, lively and entertaining, but it's no Shrek’.

While the Chicago Tribune found it ‘a solid if not groundbreaking yarn’.

Newsday, meanwhile, felt that it’s ‘not quite as sparkling as the first, but it gets nuttier as it goes along’.

And the New York Times wrote that it is ‘slick and playful entertainment that remains carefully inoffensive beneath its veneer of bad manners’.

The final words, however, are glowing.

The Los Angeles Times concluded that ‘its cleverness and its good heart enable it to overcome a slow start, which is how all good fairy tales end’, while USA Today felt that it is ‘as funny, sweet and engaging as the first film’.

Ebert and Roeper, meanwhile, stated that, ‘like Toy Story 2 and the Lord of the Rings sequels, Shrek 2 is that rare adventure follow-up that doesn’t let you down’.

And the New York Post declared that it is ‘so gorgeously animated and so thoroughly entertaining for all ages that only an ogre would complain it's not quite as fresh as the original’.

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