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The School of Rock - The kids speak!

Compiled by: Jack Foley

With Joey Gaydos Jr., Caitlin Hale, Kevin Clark, Maryam Hassan

Q. Please tell us, what have your musical influences been so far, and whether you prefer music or movies as a potential career in the future?
Jimi Hendrix, of course, Zeppelin, Yes, The Who, and people like that. I really just like all these bands with great guitar players.
And for movies or rock music, it's a tough choice, but I guess rock always; music definitely.
Caitlin: I would have to say Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, and whether movies or music, I kind of have to think movies.
Kevin: Inspirations... well my favourite bands are, I like all the old stuff as well, so I'm not going to repeat all of it. And I like some of the heavier stuff too, like Metallica and some of the newer stuff. And bands with great drummers, like The Foo Fighters, with a great drummer/musician like Dave Grohl, and Green Day and a whole bunch of bands like that.
As for movies or music, I would probably say music definitely, because I love the acting, but the audition process is kind of hard, and, also, music is just my passion.
Maryam: Umm, I like r'n'b and hip-hop, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Sean Paul [laughs nervously]
Jack Black: You're not going to ask me the same question? Simon & Garfunkel, Black Sabbath...
Caitlin: Abba!
Jack: And Abba [sarcastically]. Thank you, for reminding me. It was Take A Chance On Me, [singing] 'take a chance, take a chance'; that was my first song that I enjoyed. I'm sorry, what was your question?

Q. Maryam, what was the coolest thing about working with Jack Black. And feel free to embarrass him?
The coolest thing working with Jack Black was working on the set and playing games with him.

Q. Kevin, what kind of stuff do you think you learned from making this movie?
Probably buying my way into stuff!!
Jack Black: Buying your way into stuff!!! [Looks in mock disgust]
A. That was probably the wrong answer [looks embarrassed]
Interviewer: There's no wrong answer, only wrong questions. Remember that.
Kevin: Well, anyway, probably just the fact I was both a musician and an actor in this movie. And use that as where to go. If I do another movie, I'll be known as an actor turned musician, but if I go into a band I'll be known as a musician who happened to be in a movie. So it's helped me to make decisions about what I want to be doing. I'll probably use this as kind of a demo.

Q. Caitlin, are you the youngest of the group? Was it nervous for you?
Yes, this was my first movie, but I had done a little bit of acting before, going to auditions, but it was cool working with Jack.

Q. Joey, are there any teachers where you go to school that are even moderately like the guy that Jack plays in the film?
Not at all, no. Mostly they're just tight-laced women [laughs].
Interviewer: You may want to rephrase that Joey, as there are a lot of women here!
A. Not everybody's like that, of course. But not anybody like Jack, no. I had a music teacher who I didn't really like, because when he was going for a band, he asked for people to play instruments, and when I said, well what about guitar, he said, no, a guitar is not an instrument for a band, and stuff like that.

Q. What did you all get from working with someone like Jack Black?
Jack taught me that it wasn't always about work, to improvise a bit and to be yourself. To be a kid for as long as possible.
I really admired how much work he put into his acting, because he really is just like that. He can really make anybody laugh, I mean if you're sitting in a room with him, you're almost guaranteed a laugh sometime, or another. He's really funny.
Kevin: He was always playing games with us and stuff. And he's just so great, because he's like one of us; he's just a kid. He inspired me that maybe I shouldn't try to act older, because sometimes I'm the oldest and I would try and be acting older than the others, but then, like Jack, he's the oldest kid of us, and he'd be acting younger than some of us.

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