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Matrix Reloaded - Keanu Reeves Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. What were your expectations for the original film? And how has the success of the original and these two films manifested itself to you in everyday life, in terms of fans and things like that?
A. I loved the material when I read it in the script and the experience of making the film was a great one. It was a great role. And to be honest, when the idea of completing the trilogy came around, I just signed on board without reading the scripts, because these were a great bunch of people to work with. And I think it's great that people are coming out to see the films and hope they have a great time.

Q. You've said that training for the sequels was more physically demanding than for "The Matrix". What kind of training did you have to do, and have you continued with the kung fu?
I have not continued with the movie kung fu! But yeah, it was a lot more demanding this time around. The fights were a little more sophisticated. It wasn't just one-on-one. There were multi-character fights and the weapons involved meant you needed more training. It started with four months of training - just basic stretching, kicking and punching. Then the choreography is when the whole dance comes together.

Q. Did you ever wish they would just bring in the stuntman and give you a break?
No. Why we do the training is so we can participate in the physical action that they [the Wachowski brothers] want us to do, for the simple reason that if you can get close and see the actors performing in an action sequence, hopefully your experience of the film will be enhanced. You're going to relate to the characters, seeing what they go through. It's also, for me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of it. It's good fun.

Q. How did you get into your character? What sort of preparation did you do?
Reading the script, trying to use my imagination and trying to understand the responsibilities of the character.

Q. What can you say about the experience of working with the Wachowski brothers?
They're very, very specific in terms of what you're doing and how you do it. They were always after a specific feeling. They were all about the idea they wanted to get across, and what they wanted the audience to feel. Yeah, very specific.

Q. The film is doing really well in the States already, how much notice do you take of what's going on at the box office?
It's different with each particular picture, but with this experience, I am really excited about it, and I want to participate in it as much as I can. I am watching its progress, and I am seeing what's going on, and how people are responding and interested with how they are reacting to it. Just in a way trying to soak in this exceptional experience.

Q. Are you concerned that the film might not live up to all the hype?
I don't really know about that. I loved the material when I first read it, and then the experience of making the film was a great one. I just hope that when people see this film, they get something out of it. I think more than anything else, it's a story of hope.

Q. What did you, personally, take away from the experience of making the trilogy?
I'm still finding that out. But, I know that it was the most incredible experience of my career. First of all, it's an incredible role and I got to work with really great artists and people. Participating in a film that I specifically loved so much, on the page, and in the creating of it, and even with the amount of time it took to make it.
Sometimes when you make a film you go away for a few months and you make a movie and you come back to your life. But this experience was my life for so long. So, it struck a deep chord in me but in terms of trying to speak about it in an objective way... well, I don't have that yet.

Q. We're expecting another Matrix film, there is also a lot of excitement about a third Terminator film, and I was just wondering on the way in, if Neo had to take on the Terminator in an ass-kicking competition, who would win and why?
Laurence Fishburne:
Neo would kick his fuckin' arse. Because I said so [deep voice]


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