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Matrix Revolutions to be released at same time across the world

Story by: Jack Foley

AS the hype begins to build ahead of the release of the final Matrix movie, Revolutions, next month, it has been announced that the movie will open at exactly the same time in cities across the world.

Industry newspaper, Variety, states that this will mean a 6am start for fans in Los Angeles, 9am in New York, while London fans can expect to be let in to cinemas from 2pm.

Moscow will show it from 5pm, while fans in Tokyo can start to see it from 11pm on November 5.

It is the first time a film has been released in this way and distributors, Warner Brothers, say it is to capitalise on the final part of the trilogy's popularity.

It is also seen as the studio's latest attempt to ward off piracy.

"The zero hour simultananeous opening of Revolutions once again positions the Matrix films as the cutting edge experience in motion pictures," said Warner Brothers spokesman, Dan Fellman.

The Matrix Revolutions marks the final instalment of the sci-fi trilogy, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving, and follows hot on the heels of The Matrix Reloaded, which was released earlier this year.

The second film, which formed only half of the movie, became a global Box Office phenomenon, despite some poor notices and disappointment among fans, due to its talky format.

Revolutions will open in 65 countries and will also debut in Imax cinemas in the US on the same day as standard cinemas, marking the first time a Hollywood blockbuster has been released in two formats at the same time for the different-sized screens.

Needless to say, IndieLondon can't wait to see it and report back on whether the film is a fitting finale to a truly great franchise.

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